Ernst Jorgensen Updates

We checked with Ernst Jorgensen the persistent rumor that there would be a follow up to "2nd To None" after all. Ernst Jorgensen said this is a false statement and just a plain rumour. Last week there was a posting on several message boards in which Ernst Jorgensen apparently looked for mind copies (or digital transfers) from good 45 or 78 copies of the SUN titles "That's All Right", "Blue Moon Of Kentucky", "Milk Cow Blues Boogie" and "You're A Heartbreaker". Apparently this resulted in some useful reactions for the upcoming SUN releases. But as for all the future BMG and FTD news goes, most plans are just plans, so nothing is certain until the pressrelease has been issued.
Source: Ernst Jørgensen / Updated: Feb 17, 2004 
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Doug (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 18, 2004report abuse
No one DVD audio from FTD? We, FTD customers, deserve a DVD audio, maybe a TTWII concert or studio recording, fully remixed on 5.1.

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