Ernst Jorgensen Speaks

EP Gold did an interview with Ernst Jorgensen. He put the record straight on a few rumours that circulated on the world wide web: The title for the follow-up to the "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" is "2nd To None". The reason why they decided not to use the title "Top Ten Hits" is that they would be stuck to single hits that were in the Top Ten in the US and UK and wouldn't be able to include great other tracks (like "That's Allright Mama"). The rumour on the other version of "Roustabout" written by Otis Blackwell and Winfield Scott: it will probably NOT be used on this CD, they rather save it for a box-set or FTD release. Ray Bardani, who worked with David Bendeth on the E1 Album last year, will be the remixing producer on this "2nd To None". At this moment several titles are considered for a possible remix-release on single, the "Ruberneckin'" remix circulating among fans is not the BMG mix. The new FTD is out since today, but because of the Easter weekend it won't reach the dealers and fans until next week.
Source: ECG / Updated: Apr 16, 2003 
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