Ernst Jorgensen About Upcoming FTD's

The next regular FTD release (October 1st, 2001) will contain outtakes from the Memphis '69 sessions. Ernst Jorgensen said that this release will also be interesting for those that have collected all the Memphis '69 bootlegs. All outtakes will be in stereo and there will be outtakes of songs that have never been bootlegged before, for instance "A Little Bit Of Green". Ernst Jorgensen is working on the extra FTD-release Silver Screen Stereo (November 1st, 2001). He didn't confirm if there will stereo tracks from "Jailhouse Rock" or "King Creole", but stereo tracks from the 50's will be included. There will probably also be 'new' outtakes from movies like 'The Trouble With Girls' and 'Double Trouble', none of which have been released in any form.
Source: Deelen / Updated: Aug 22, 2001 
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