Ernst And Roger Retained By Sony-BMG

Bill E. Burk talked to Ernst Jorgensen yesterday and it's official now, SONY owns BMG. In a big corporate meeting in Los Angeles, Sony committed to continuing both the Elvis and FTD catalogs of Elvis music. Many heads have rolled in the buyout, but Ernst and Roger Semon are still on the payroll to produce the Elvis products.
Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Nov 26, 2004 
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CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 8, 2004report abuse
Mr.Rai, you are absolutely right about the Worldwide Elvis' Expert Mr.Paul Dowling and the Asian Super Elvis Expert Mr.HT Long of The Far East. Put these 2 brilliant minds together - you get Zi Best Of Zi BEST. SONY/BMG should hire them and together with those 2 great minds Ernst & Roger also in the Elvis Catalogue, we'll surely get the best super releases and ELVIS Presley will be KING forever.
rai (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 7, 2004report abuse
we always appreciate what ernst and roger have done for the entire Elvis fans. More often than not, they come out with quality CD's. Keep up the good work guys. But I personally think we need a change. BMG/Sony should now look for Elvis fans with music knowledge to run the entire Elvis catalouges. I believe Elvis fans have a better view and understanding on the worldwide fans taste and knows what to offer. May be in terms of design, they may come out with better CD covers. I am sure everyone know who Paul Dowling is. As a veteran in Elvis world, he may do a good job. Another guy is HT Long. He is the king among Elvis fans in Asia. With a sound knowledge in Elvis, he also has his own Elvis tribute CD's. A REAL FAN. Why not let him take charge of Asean market and let the asean's voice be heard? I think hiring experts like the names I mentioned above would add quality to future releases in terms of design and content of the CD's. After all, US presidents change after every two terms, RCA bought over by BMG and now BMG has been bought by Sony. So many changes taking place. Think about it.
Hans Otto (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 29, 2004report abuse
SONY's decision to keep Roger, Ernst and the FTD label releases is probably THE single most important factor in the improving Elvis' image and status among the general public. There have been so much trash released the last 40 years, - and the Graceland/EP Inc. is still throwing cheap and tacky souvenirs at a cheesy consumer group of Elvis fans. So today is a good day :oD
dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 28, 2004
Invisible because there were too many capitals in the text
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 27, 2004report abuse
No doubt Ernst & Co do a good job, but its all thanks really to Elvis and the sheer volume / quality of his work and the many loyal fans, like us all on this site, who would happily buy the 29th take of a song and so on and so. Thats where the real thanks should go to.
Memphis Kid 1977 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 27, 2004report abuse
Just been thinking about this , will there be any changes to the Label design or will they keep the BMG/RCA logo any ideas.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 27, 2004report abuse
I thank the Lord for this great news. Long live The King !
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 27, 2004report abuse
And with SONY I'm sure we won't get to see amymore silly CDs like the ARTIST "the cartoon with the short hands" COLLECTION again. I was beginning to get worried that BMG might be going back to their old Camden ways with songs selected by the RCA Chimps.. [For your information:] Ernst and Roger were NOT involve in the The Artist Crap Collection.
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 26, 2004report abuse
woooo hoooo thank god. if they let them 2 go elvis music would prolly cease to come out. sony might be just what the doctor ordered. sony is big on marketing they made freak like wacko jacko popular and mariah carey imagine what they can do with a true rock legend like elvis man they can totally market him and we may end up seeing new releases on alot of his music and it might all be packaged together to give us great cds and stuff.
Pedro Nuno (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 26, 2004report abuse
These are wonderful and fantastic news. Roger and Ernest, and the ONLY responsables for the Re-Live of Elvis Music. They are, just like us, Big Elvis Fans, that like what they do, and, most important, they do it in the most profissional way they can do. Good news for Sony, because they have 2 fantastic workers, Marvellous news for us cause we have 2 guys that now how to Take Care of Bussiness!
Brian Quinn (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 26, 2004report abuse
This is good news. These guys have the experience to further the cause of Elvis around the world. They will also be able to continue their search for unreleased recordings and lost sales figures to prove to the world that Elvis truly is THE KING.
Elvos (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 26, 2004report abuse
Sony did the right thing. it's only fair. All thighs are possible now. Sony kisses ,winter tears. It's sony love. I've got a feeling in my sony. I love sony one girl. Ive gotta find my sony etc sonny I was just having some fun tonight...
glennd (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 26, 2004report abuse
Thank god, the future is saved. What shall we do without Ernst and Roger ? Both are a important part of BMG and the Elvis cataloge. They keep the memory of Elvis alive. I feel like a stone is falling from my heart. Ernst, Roger: Keep on releasing these wonderful Cds for us ! Thanks ! TCB.
Tigerman-GB (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 26, 2004report abuse
Christmas has come early this year, this is great news.
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 26, 2004report abuse
Thank You Jesus! Can you imagine a BMG without Ernst and Roger. What a scary thought!
JeroenNL (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 26, 2004report abuse
Allelujah!, Praise The Lord!, Walk Them Golden Stairs Up To That Great Milky White Way, How Great Thou Art!! The future shines bright!!
Shark (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 26, 2004report abuse
I'll second that - God only knows what would happen if Sony had let Ernst and Roger go. actually they'd probably start releasing an Elvis sings for children series. But really, I'm so glad they still have their jobs!
elvissessions (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 26, 2004report abuse
Thank God!

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