EPE's Reaction On Peta's 'Elvis' Campaign

On the Alt Elvis King newsgroup we found a posting containing EPE's reaction on Peta's Elvis campaign. This reaction was a reply to a fan who pointed EPE's attention ti the Peta campaign we mentioned last week. We're aware of this horrible thing with PETA and are appalled. We've been looking into it and contemplating options on what to do. At this point, it appears that what they've done so far falls under First Amendment rights of free speech and has not crossed over into trademark infringement. We have no legal recourse. In checking with associates of ours who have had experience with PETA and their publicity tactics, we've been advised that expressing our outrage would, almost certainly, fuel them to do more. They love creating controversy. EPE attacking them would make their little gimmick into national headlines. Exactly what they want. We appreciate and share your concern and will continue to grapple with the PETA situation.
Source: Alt.Elvis.King / Updated: Sep 12, 2002 
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