EPE's Jack Soden Audio Interview On Motley Fool

Elvis Presley Enterprises CEO Jack Soden was featured on the NPR-based "The Motley Fool Radio Show" here in the USA on August 6, 2004. "Twenty-seven years ago this month, Elvis Presley left the building for the last time. David and Tom Gardner talk about the continuing big business of Elvis with Elvis Presley Enterprises CEO Jack Soden." Click on the link below to listen to the interview.
Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Forum / Updated: Aug 10, 2004 

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JeroenNL (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 10, 2004report abuse
Interresting to hear him talk about the Elvis Is Alive hype... Can someone run his voice through a pc-voice lie detector? When I heard him trying to be funny about Elvis coming to Graceland in disguise I got the feeling that he was trying to hard to be funny. When he tried to be sincere on telling us Elvis is dead I thought: "You're lying like a rug"....

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