EPE Signs With eFashion Solutions

Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) announced today it has signed the nation’s leading ecommerce provider, eFashion Solutions, LLC, (www.efashionsolutions.com) to manage the global web-retailing for officially licensed and trademarked Elvis products. eFashion Solutions, LLC will be responsible for the worldwide web-marketing and web-retailing for web, catalogue and fan club sales for all merchandise that bears the Elvis trademark, likeness and image of Elvis. “The business of internet retail is already a considerable aspect of our highly successful website, elvis.com,” stated Carol Butler, Director of Worldwide Licensing for EPE. “After considerable searching, we are convinced that the eFashion Solutions team can help take us to the next level, particularly internationally.” Over the next 18 months, eFashion Solutions, LLC plans to enhance the business by leveraging their international platform, including accepting foreign currency and providing faster and less expensive shipping to Elvis aficionados and fans from over 120 countries. eFashion Solutions, LLC is a turnkey eCommerce service provider which has been successful in creating profitable flagship web-stores for global consumers for the hottest celebrities of the day including Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, Russell Simmons, Kimora Lee Simmons, JayZ and Damon Dash, Rapper Nelly and others. Launching 5 ½ years ago with $3,000 and an idea, the husband and wife team of Edward Foy, Jr. and Jennifer Silano-Foy now employ over 100 in their Secaucus, NJ-based 71,000 sq. ft. warehouse/call center/design facility with revenues reaching $30M in 2004 with additional growth expected in 2005. “eFashionSolutions, LLC will assist EPE in continuing and expanding the legacy of Elvis Presley,” stated Edward Foy, Jr. CEO. “Our team believes foremost in high profit margin through leveraging brand integrity. And, although he passed away 28 years ago, Elvis continues to be the most recognized image in American pop culture and beloved around the world. The demographics of his fans are growing younger, so it makes sense for EPE to expand their business with a young organization with hip clients such as ours.” Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. is based in Memphis, with additional offices in Los Angeles. In addition to Graceland and its related attractions in Memphis, including the Heartbreak Hotel, EPE is aggressively involved in a worldwide licensing program, merchandising, music publishing, and television, film, video and internet projects. For more information on EPE and Graceland, visit Elvis.com. EPE is a wholly owned subsidiary of CKX, Inc., a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ National Market System (NMS) under the ticker symbol CKXE.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Jul 1, 2005 
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Viva (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 2, 2005report abuse
So, it looks as if Elvis Socks are going to make a comeback. What a bunch of tossers that lot are. They don't even speak English "High profit margin through leveraging brand integrity..." great if you read the "Financial Times" a load of fetid Dingo's kidneys for those of us on planet Earth. How dare they call this "Continuing and expanding the legacy of Elvis Presley" "Cheapening and relegating Elvis' music" I call it. They do absolutely nothing to improve Elvis' coverage and respect in the world of films and music. And I would like to remind them that Elvis Presley was a singer and an actor, not a goddamn merchandiser. They are no better than Col Parker. It's a good job ElvisNews censors bad language, 'cause I'd call that bunch of charlatans every swear word under the sun. I despise the way they publicly announce and display themselves as sanitised, cold, clinical and money driven moguls on a regular basis. The reality is they are hopelessly out of touch with the fans and, through their own arrogance, terribly misguided with the general public.

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