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Here is the reaction from EPE on the "leaking" of the (rumoured) releasedates for the new DVD editions of the "Aloha From Hawaii" and "Comeback Special" on our site. "The release date for the '68 and Aloha comprehensive DVDs has not been locked in yet, nor has it been announced. Yes, June 22nd is among the likely dates talked about internally among the EPE and BMG staff as we look at all we have going on. It's too bad someone decided to leak that still-speculative information. But, if that date does indeed turn out to be the one, then it does not represent a delay of any kind. In our FAQ on Elvis.com we have projected that DVDs will come out sometime in the first half of 2004. Actually, we have never announced a specific date - only our very best guess or hope as things have evolved. As we have promised over and over and over again in news articles on our site and in our FAQ (a subsection on NEWS and ALL ABOUT ELVIS sections of our site), whenever there are new details we can share, we will immediately update the FAQ, post an item in News and issue an alert via our free E-newsletter service. No one is more excited about these DVDs than we are and no one is more anxious to see all the details made available. And, please, if you hear gossip about an EPE project, you're always invited to write to graceland@elvis.com and get the straight story. In the meantime, our work on the material for these DVDs continues. We sneak-previewed some material in a screening for fans in Memphis during Elvis Week a couple of months ago. As now indicated in the Elvis Birthday Celebration info on Elvis.com, we will have special free screenings at Graceland in January to show you how things have progressed since then. We're too excited about how it's all turning out to wait until the DVD release to show it to you!"
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Nov 2, 2003 
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Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 4, 2003report abuse
They should at least remove the stripes at the left hand of the screen. I watched the Wallmart DVD, and they were still there :-(
gbalaban (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 4, 2003report abuse
I know there is an "Aloha From Hawaii" filmed by a Japanese crew (alternate angles) that have things like Elvis introducing Jack Lord from "Hawaii 5.0". Maybe they can get the original with "ALL" the extras and add in this concerts angles and extras too.
ElvisDayByDay (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 3, 2003report abuse
On some DVD's you can change the point of view or camera angle. It would be great if you could do this on the Aloha show!
Jon Thor (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 3, 2003report abuse
Please, just have the DVD as it was origanially aired (along with some additions) - but it would be nice if it were Aloha From Hawaii: Deluxe Edition - like it would be nice if you could watch the entire concert just as it aired or even seeing the concert through the lens of each of the five (or were there more cameras?) cameras that filmed this great show; it would even be cool to see the audience through the whole show and see their reactions
Dan (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 2, 2003report abuse
Well, we are all excited about the new DVD's planned for next year. I have an idea for the Aloha DVD. I know you have new footage of Elvis arriving by helicopter and what footage you may also have of the celebration before the concert begins, but here is where you can get creative. Remember, this concert was a milestone in rock history, being sent via satellite all over the world. So, as the 2001 theme starts, you cut to a space shot of the earth spinning, and over the horizon, we see the satellite coming towards us, maybe flashing or a cool flyby, (maybe it is flashing "Elvis" or something) and as the the 2001 theme ends, we quickly zoom down over Hawaii and into the auditorium as Elvis bursts out on to the stage into See See Rider. That would be cool! (some creative CGI animation).
jb gude (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 2, 2003report abuse
Dear EPE, If you are reading this thank you for your clarification. We now know that June 2004 does not represent any kind of delay. No sir.
On your "Sneak preview" policy: MOST of the fans that turn up for screening in Memphis are NOT likely to be critical over WHAT you present. Anything "new" would be recieved very enthusiastically and certifications if "Perfect" "Great" "Superb" "Unbeliveable" etc etc
As proof of this I refer you to the sneak preview of "TTWII -SE" where we have had 100% rave reviews: NOT ONE critical comment on the exclusion of the songs like "I just can't help believin" or "Sweet Caroline" which clearly are fan favortites and a BLUNDER in ommiting them.
Why dont you try to send out the SONG /Scene content to the various clubs/boards and then gauge the reaction? Once you have sneak previews, what you have shown is no longer a secret and also gets distorted on the "grapevine". You will be more likely to get an indication if you have left out something important. there wont be many complaints on the inclusions. So please, please, dont forget to include some famous "outtakes" that were cut from the final show. Thanyouverymuch.

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