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Here is a reaction from EPE on possible DVD releases for the upcoming TV specials. "Elvis By the Presleys" will be on DVD from BMG soon. Date cannot be announced yet. The "Elvis" mini-series is not our show. The producers have indicated it could be as long as five years before it comes to DVD. We'll post updates in News on Elvis.com as more information becomes available on these projects".
Source: Elvis Presley Tribune / Updated: Feb 23, 2005 
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Sidewinder (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 2, 2005report abuse
I think everything that is worth releasing on Elvis has been, or will be, released in time and anybody who is desperate to see or hear any particular song or performance can get them, not always the best quality but they are out there.As a long time collector I am more interested in the releases from the 50s 60s and 70s rather than the dredging that record companies and film companies do now- the best stuff came out when The King was alive and we were putting money into his pocket (and others I know) but why give your hard earned cash to these people who obviously are trying to exploit our devotion to Elvis. The power we have is in our pocket if "they" don't give us what we want -we don't buy what "they" want us to buy (and let's face it; we have got the best of what Elvis had to give and why pay top prices for stuff Elvis probably wanted thrown away!). Let them know you won't buy their future releases unless they give you what you want.
lray (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 25, 2005report abuse
Lots of discussion going on about what was filmed and what wasn't. I you want to get a better understanding pick up SESSIONS III by Joe Tunzi and read pages 537 through 540 for detailed info on TTWII and EOT. But also notice the note on pg. 540 that states, "Please note that due to the filming process some of these performances are intermittent with picture and sound. Further research needs to be done to find elements needed to complete these performances." Still you can get a pretty good idea of what MGM filmed on these pages.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 25, 2005report abuse
Thats The Way It is special edition and The Lost Performances have not got all the Elvis footage from TTWII. I do have the original TTWII on dvd but picture quality is awful. I remember seeing Elvis in Concert on tv in 1977 as well. I dont think EPE will ever release it. And I have heard theres a few clips you can watch of the new mini series. I have not seen them myself but theres a few fans starting to complain about this new mini series
Bitebug2003 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 25, 2005report abuse
What about Elvis the Lost Performances? That covers previously unreleased footage of TTWII and Elvis on Tour. Are you saying there is more footage? I could go on about Elvis in Concert until I drop dead, but just to recap my thoughts. I think it is very selfish of EPE to deny the fans these concerts. Who do they blame? The media. I want these concerts NOW! I'm 33 - I saw the CBS TV Special when I was 6 - The BBC screened it back in 1977. But all I remember was Vernon Presley surrounded by zillions of letters. I want to see the rest PLEASE!
asd123 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 25, 2005report abuse
Does anyone know anything about the ttwii shows? i've heard that not even one show was filmed complete. Anyway, a ttwii boxset would be an awful release!!
asd123 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 25, 2005report abuse
I'd like to have the CBS mini series on dvd asap!! Well... it's possibily good entertainment and it will be fun to watch and discuss it. So please bring it out, as well as the "presley by the presleys" special.
i agree with you that they should bring out the footage of elvis on tour and the unreleased ttwii stuff. as i've heard all shows which were filmed for elvis on tour are complete, but how many shows did they really film? i once saw pictures of the hampton afternoon show with cameras on stage... so i guess there will be a lot of surprises in the future.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 24, 2005report abuse
I keep forgeting EPE dont own the rights to TTWII and Elvis on Tour. They belong to Warner brothers. Hope you get a reply from them Volvo. EPE own the rights to Elvis in concert but they wont be releasing that until we all go blind
Renan Augusto (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 24, 2005report abuse
It´s time for us fans to create in the petitiononline.com a petition for EPE and Turner. "Please release Elvis On Tour and TTWII"!! and "Elvis In Concert"! What about the idea? Man, just like CDKing wrote: you got goldmine in your hands and I´m only 19 but I really don´t want to reach 60 to watch these concerts. Come on guys!
scarlet o hara (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 24, 2005report abuse
By 2023 I will be too old to care!
sdeahkcid (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 24, 2005report abuse
Well im still waiting on a half decent release for TTWII . The special edition nearly got there but the concert material is mostly Elvis singing the early songs. I know there had to be a choice made but the choice i would have made would have been to have showen the mature Elvis singing "I just cant help believing ", "Bridge over troubled water", "Patch it up", "Make the world go away", "Just Pretend" etc and left out the "blue Suade Shoes" and some of the other early rehases. C'mon give us an adult version of TTWII,
Play it James (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 24, 2005report abuse
To AARONMAN1_98, OK....I understand what you mean about Martin Fontaine but after seeing that guy being that good I just have a hard time enjoying another so-called
"impersonator". Well, let's give a chance to Jonathan Myers to give us a good performance....We should get back to each other on Elvisnews once we see the mini-series for ourselves and give our personal review, OK ?
volvo (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 24, 2005report abuse
I don't usually do this kind of thing, but I have just e-mailed TCM to ask if there are any immediate plans to release On Tour. I will let you know if I recieve a reply.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 24, 2005report abuse
Yes, you're right, Lex. Let's make it 2077...100 years after...
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 24, 2005report abuse
Elvis On Tour is already available on DVD in Pakistan, Indonesia and in Malaysia they have the Official Full-Screen VCD version. So the DVD that will be the biggest seller is going to be ELVIS IN CONCERT. EPE you're sitting on a Goldmine here. A revamp version will be a Top Seller. Everyone will wants a copy of this historical last Concerts. I hope ELVIS BY THE PRESLEY will also be available on DVD as this will be the only way the fans outside of USA can get to see this. It's surely going to be a big seller.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
2027 for Elvis In Concert? Isn't that a bit early?
analj (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
By year 2020 oe 2030 I'll be in heven singing with ELVIS, please, plase epe release those shows now! I already 55, I don't have enough time to enjoy elvis stuff, please listen this gramma who loves elvis with all her hart.
leannrimesfreak (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
Ted Turnner owns Elvis on Tour not EPE
aaronman1_98 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
This is for PLAY IT JAMES': You rather they have picked Martin Fontaine?Are you crazy?I have seen Martin and his show.Its a great show.But the deal is that in order for him to look like Elvis he needs 4 hours of contouring make up and $4,000 dollar wigs.Without make up he looks like Ron Howard(Opie).You think the studio is going to take the time to do that everyday?Plus the guy is older.I dont know if he can portray an 18 year old u know.I saw a clip of Jonathan Myers on Access Hollywood and he looks like hes going to do a good job.His resemblace is fair in certain aspects. As of EPE i believe TTWII and ELvis on tour should be released soon.I know theres so much extra material that was filmed because ive seen snippets.Do the fans a favor and realize our dream before we are old and gray!
lray (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
They did not film complete shows in 1970. RCA recorded (sound) six complete shows but on film MGM did not do the complete shows. They only have sections of the six shows.
1935 Al Strada (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005
Invisible because there was bad language used
Dazcav (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
i too want elvis on tour so heres for the release the date well probably 2030 after they have given us everything we allready have ten times over, epe take a leaf out of elvis book and please release me now not when i have grandkids
Play it James (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
I agree with everyone about all the complete concerts of TTWII and on tour. I will never buy the mini series since they picked a guy that doesn't look like Elvis at all, and I'm not talking about the British accent yet. EPE should have given the role to Martin Fontaine from the "Elvis story" production like I mentionned a few weeks ago in a previous e-mail...No one will ever look and move like Elvis more than this fellow !
scarlet o hara (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
I read somewhere that Priscilla was skint. There is no way I want to line her pockets thankyou very much!
ElvisDayByDay (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
We all want "On Tour" to be released on DVD but EPE does not own that movie so stop reacting with "We Want On Tour" on something EPE does not own. I want to be a millionaire! :-)
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
I agree Elizabeth. Please EPE can we also have the extra songs that were cut out of TTWIIse. I hope they dont take to long cause I am not getting any younger
Ricardo Bolaños (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
The fans we needed Elvis on tour and Elvis in Concert. thank's
JC´ (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
Cilla, Lisa, Jerry, please we want Elvis On Tour on DVD, like TTWII, you know...So Listen to the fans, please!
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
I know when they will release Elvis On Tour. In 2022 in a special box, 50 years after On Tour was released, ha,ha.
Elvis In Concert on DVD in the year 2027. I laugh but I should cry....
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
Well, thanks EPE for this information. Thanks for nothing! Can't believe those guys. Isn't it time for Elvis On Tour or Elvis In Concert ? Yes, I think so !
Steve Grayson (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
pl. release Elvis on tour . this will be a gt. boxset to go with TTWII & 1968 comeback + aloha from hawaii. Well i hope that we do not have to wait too long for this issue. there are a lot that we need for the 1972 material. # if there is a audio out surely they can release the film. perhaps the distributotors (suppliers) can issue cd single from this picture, to promote this. I surely will get this for my collection if this is released. pl. pl. pl.release this on dvd .(I'M PLEADING AS A FAN)
Wiebe (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
I just hope they filmed complete shows for TTWII and On Tour. A few years ago I ran into somebody that saw a viewing of three complete On Tour shows that were to be released but were cancelled. Hope it's true that they still exist. I think Elvis's complete performance of Aug 12 1970 M.S would leave a great impression on both hardcore, moderate and non -Elvis fans. Same goes for Hampton Roads 72. Let's just wait. We just got 68 and Aloha. You shouldn't flood the market. I would say release them in a year or two.
Elvis girl (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
Oops! sorry, TTWII
Elvis girl (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
I agree, i want On Tour too. also where is all the other footage that was left out of TTWIT? there is still footage missing, i would like to see a whole concert from what was taped of those shows and rehearsals. why do they just give us a little then leave us wanting?
Tomek (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
Release "Elvis On Tour" is what I really waiting for, all the rest is just a same stuff in different cover. I still can't find the reason why it's still unreleased, as we don't have to many live shows recorded. We are waiting for it since TTWII-SE (5 years now) and nothing, great sales of new DVD boxes shows it's time, but not thime for next documentary.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
Its not just you Buddy.I wont be buying the mini series if it comes out on dvd.I would rather save my money for a dvd with the king in it.Wheres Elvis on Tour ? In my opinion if its not Elvis its not worth buying.
Buddy Holly (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 23, 2005report abuse
Is it just me or is there indeed little response from fans regarding these projects? Personally I'm not excited at all and hope Presley by the Presleys will be finished asap just so the next project will be started soon which will hopefully be more exciting.

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