Elvis's 1964 Movie Guitar For Sale

Up for auction is this vintage Gibson LG-2 in sunburst finish with factory order number "6959 3" stamped on the neck block of the guitar and "LG-2" stamped on interior brace. The guitar features a rectangular bridge, 19 fret fingerboard with dot inlay, modern Gibson logo on headstock that has been colored over with black marker, and tapered thickness headstock. Based upon the tapered headstock that was discontinued in 1950 and available factory order number information the guitar is from 1950 or 1951.

The guitar belonged to, and was used by Elvis Presley on screen during filming of It Happened At The World's Fair (MGM, 1963). The guitar is accompanied by photos of Elvis from the film and a typed letter dated April 11, 1993, signed by Charlie Hodge. The letter states, "...The sunburst design Gibson acoustic guitar had a blue twine type strap on it...I think the studio put it on and we never changed it back. Elvis would play jam sessions during breaks in the filming and he and I both used to use it at home. It got to the point I used it more than Elvis and he eventually gave the guitar to me. I've had it ever since that time..."

The auction starts in 18 days, the expected highest bid for the instrument is 30,000.00 $US. 

Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Jun 7, 2011 

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