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Today we received the conclusion of a survey by Elvis Central. Although we doubt the statistical relevance (the number of respondents is very small), we are proud and thankful to our supporters. The number of visitors we get on a daily base already showed us we were very popular, but seeing it expressed this way is a great push in the back. Here is the main conclusion of the survey: "Last year two sites received significantly more and higher votes than other sites. This year only one site stood out on both criteria: ElvisNews.com (42 votes) ElvisNews.com swept aside all other sites in this year's poll. Only the Official Graceland site (with substantial resources backing it) could compare." The top 5 of the poll: #/ Site/ Score/ Votes 1/ ElvisNews.com/ 9+/ 42 2/ Elvis.com (official site)/ 9+/ 35 3/ For CD Collectors Only/ 8.5/ <19 4/ Elvis Information Network/ 8/ 34 5/ Elvis World Japan/ 8/ 30 Also our mailinglist is voted to be the best Elvis news group around (but then again, the competition isn't very hard) and the site is said to be the best information site. Again, thanks to all voters for the support, but also to everyone in our team for making this possible and to those people that feed us with information. Of course we congratulate the other sites with the appreciation they get.
Source: Elvis Central / Updated: Apr 12, 2001 
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