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Normally we do not respond to people talking about ElvisNews on message boards, newsgroups or websites, but this one time we will make an exception. This will be our only statement on this matter, since several associations made are not true. The Collectors Gold website added an update/ reaction on the review we did on the "Man In White 4" and "Perfect Gift" releases. It is obvious they do not agree with our review. That is fine, because there is something to discuss, and all readers will benefit from the exchange of (personal) opinions. It is NOT good to make it a personal attack based on personal and commercial motivations, like the reaction we read on ECG , and the message board of Elvis Club Berlin. We want to make a few points clear: 1. ElvisNews is not and will never be involved in any illegal activities as suggested on ECG. Neither do we have any interest in any release or publication, this in contrary to others, so we can give unbiased (fan) reviews. There are people complaining about reviews because they seem to have other than the fan's interest in mind. We know the people who added to the discussion on the forum and the people reacting on ECG. We know what motivates them, and well, let's leave it at that ... 2. ElvisNews never writes a fake review, that is why we waited so long with reviews of "The Perfect Gift" and the Lovely Music Production mentioned on other sites, we wanted to compare the two releases containing the same shows. 3. ElvisNews is a free site for fans by fans and has an information purpose only. ElvisNews is officially recognized by Elvis Presley Enterprises as an on-line fan club. We can only run this site thanks to the support of many, many Elvis fans and subscribers to our site from around the world (wide web). That is the main reason why we don't add names, we want to emphasize the team-effort (also see our about section), there are more than enough “self kickers” in the Elvis world. Of course we have our opinion, and of course this will be reflected in our reviews, as stated before, we are only fans. That's The Way It Is, and for those with other interests, having a problem with a fan's opinion: grow up and try to live with it. We regret to have to add this statement to our site, but it seems that there are always people driven by money, wannabe fame or whatever. They try to be friends when they can use your popularity, but when you don’t talk them to the mouth…. The result is that the “Elvis world” is not the most pleasant one sometimes. We think it is sad that certain people feel the need for competition (my site is the best, my news is exclusive, my releases are the best) more important than being a fan and sharing a hobby. Let's all get back to enjoying Elvis, the man, his music, his movies and his view on life. Thanks to everyone for the support, this keeps us going!
Updated: Jul 8, 2003 
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