ElvisNews Input Guidelines

Because the very childish behaviour in our input-facilities we felt the need to make some clear rules. Maintenance of the 'contributions' took too much time, and now we will remove any contribution that does not follow our guidelines. To be sure that everybody will know about them, we add them here:

In general, you are free to add any thoughtful contribution. Please keep in mind that this is no chat group, move personal 'conversations' to a different forum.

Contributions to either our news, articles, shop and classifieds sections will be removed when:

  1. There is no relation with article
    This should be obvious, but unfortunately it isn’t to everybody.
  2. There is another language then English used
    ElvisNews is a site in the English language to serve as many people as possible, that is why we want to keep it in English completely.
  3. There is usage of bad language
    Some people that can’t express themselves without using that, and they should go elsewhere. We are not holier than the pope, but we want to keep ElvisNews readable for anyone.
  4. There are personal attacks
    Disagreements are fine, but stay to the point and not to the person behind it (aim at the content, not at the person).
  5. There are links included
    Although they can be very helpful sometimes, we do not want to have links in the contributions. 
  6. There are too many capitals in the text
    Overdone usage of capitals make text hard to read and give it a messy look and on the worldwide web it is considered shouting, which is impolite.
  7. There is a general keyboard problem
    Not only capitals are misused often, but also other keys seem to give problems, especially question and exclamation marks, but also the enter key seems to have a special attraction to some people. Again, use them with care, otherwise your contribution may be hard to read and messy.
  8. There is a relation between bootlegs and people
    We don’t want to have anything to do with this illegal practice, so don’t tell or ask for addresses where to buy them, don’t suggest who is involved, etc.

The decisions will be made by the editorial team of ElvisNews. We will not start correspondence about such a decision.

Updated: Mar 11, 2003 
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