Elvis Vs Frank Sinatra Feud?

Singer Nancy Sinatra has hit out at rumours her famous father Frank Sinatra had a feud with Elvis. The pair are two of the biggest superstars of the 20th century - both topped the charts throughout the 1950s, 60s and 70s and have left lasting legacies years after their deaths - but reports claimed they didn't get on. But Nancy insists they were actually firm friends. She says, "They were friends. I can remember the two of them laughing and carrying on. They really hit it off, y'know. They were pals."
Source: Contact Music / Updated: Aug 13, 2004 

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JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 26, 2004report abuse
I never did believe any of that Elvis/Frank feud nonsense.
My two favorite male singers of all time: Elvis & Frank.
NOSTAB (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 14, 2004report abuse
If we are to beleive Careless Love by Peter Guralnick, FS telephoned EP upon cancellation of his 75 Vegas engagement (through bad health) to wish him well, so one assumes they got one pretty well. One thing for sure, both great entertatiners, and none of today's entertainers could hold a candle to either of them.
King Of Western Bop (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 14, 2004report abuse
No doubt there are those who might relate to the fact that Elvis was supposedly carrying on with Juliet Prowse, Frank Sinatra's girlfriend at the time. Frank was said to be none too happy about it at the time. How much this affected their relationship is debatable. I remember seeing film of them attending a charity function together, in which they seemed amiable enough. I suppose there are some people just trying to make something out of nothing. As Elvis fans we should be used to it by now.
Bryan (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 14, 2004report abuse
well i think LuckyJackson is right..when Elvis Passed away and on that same moment Sinatra did a concert and during that concert Sinatra heard the news, he stopped the concert and said " i lost a friend today" so yes..nuff said!
LuckyJackson (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 13, 2004report abuse
Well, look at Elvis then look at Frank...nuff said!

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