Elvis Today Magazine Delayed

The magazine that must replace "Elvis Monthly" has some delay. Some fans call it the "expected behavior" of Todd Slaughter, others say Slaughter can't help it, but it is due to the printer. Anyway, for the amount of money this magazine requires, one might expect to have it in time. By now it is a fact that Slaughter's promise "the first issue of our new magazine will be published in April" doesn't come true. A bad start at least. After reading the comment above Todd Slaughter contacted us with this explanation: "Our first issue has to be right, but the publication has fallen between two European Bank Holidays - Easter & May Day, both a week apart. Elvis-Today has been printed in Oslo, and is being shipped to Leicester and Paducah by air this week for immediate distribution. We never gave a publication date for issue one, but with over 3,000 initial subscribers, one thousand of which have reached our two offices within the past month, for economical reason we had to re-assess our print order, before 'hitting the button.' Fans won't be disappointed. Remember, 'Elvis Monthly' and the British Fan Club magazines have always been published regularly on time for over 40 years. We expected at least one hiccup with issue one of Elvis-Today, and this is it. We are two weeks late, but it won't happen again.
Source: Todd Slaughter / Updated: May 1, 2000 
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