Elvis The Early Years

The "DVD "Elvis The Early Years is an unusual new Elvis DVD from China. This is a musical documentary and available all over China and Hong Kong.
Source: HT Long / Updated: Jul 12, 2007 
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elvinpelvin (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 13, 2007report abuse
Who's dumb idea was it to put Meyers on something like this?? Not only did he do a poor job as Elvis, but does anyone else remember his comment in an interview after being bashed by fans?...saying that playing Elvis was the gayest thing he's ever done. That Elvis must have been a homosexual because he wore alot of jewelry and flashy clothes. He only wishes he was as good as Michael St. Gerard.
Lobisome (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 13, 2007report abuse
Yes, lots of pictures but only one belongs to "The Early Years"
rosiel (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 12, 2007report abuse
Not Mr. Rhys-Meyers?.............pass.
Sean Ryan (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 12, 2007report abuse
Yeah, thats JRM , top right haha. Elvis has his cape open and its a red cape.Proberly thought JRM performance of his was a load of 'bull'. Terrible joke ; )
Mr Scrapbook (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 12, 2007report abuse
yes, lots of pictures and one of them on the back isn't even Elvis ! Check out mr Rhys-Myers top right.
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 12, 2007report abuse
they're pretty generous in the use of pictures..

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