Elvis, That's The Way It Is Update

EPE posted updated information about the "Elvis, That's the Way It Is" - Special Edition. The TCM premiere of the film was originally scheduled for January 8, 2001 and the video / DVD release was originally scheduled for January 9, 2001. Both have been delayed for one week to accommodate some additional promotional work that has been planned. The TCM premiere will now be January 15 and the video / DVD release will now be January 16. Due to unresolved legal complications, the 60 minutes of additional footage planned for inclusion in the DVD will not be part of the 2001 DVD release. We have no details to share regarding this situation other than to tell you that none of these complications involve Graceland / EPE. If ever there is anything to report regarding the status and future of this additional footage EPE will post information on their website. In the meantime EPE continues to rejoice in the new edition of the film - what it will mean to all of us who will enjoy it and all that it will do to introduce Elvis to new audiences in an exceptionally wonderful way. There has been some talk of a theatrical release in a limited number of theaters in a select number of cities in the U.S. and abroad. A schedule will be posted on the Graceland site immediately if/when confirmed by Turner.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Oct 21, 2000 

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