Elvis Telegraph Transformed Into ElvisNews.Com

With what should have been issue #11 the former Elvis Telegraph is renamed into ElvisNews.com. Main reason is the registrated domain name, which makes it easier to find the site. All former Telegraph issues will be transformed into the new layout. Unfortunately problems with our forward service (findhere.com) have forced us to speed up the process. That's why we couldn't wait any longer with our new style. We preferred to have finished the transformation before putting it on-line, but again, that wasn't possible. As long as we are not ready with that project, the old Telegraph issues will be on-line. Please have a little patience, we'll try to complete this task as soon as possible. At the same time we ask the webmasters providing a link to us to change the banner into the one we show on the "about"-page.
Updated: Nov 2, 1999 
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