Elvis Still The Ultimate Pop Idol

When it comes to being the ultimate pop idol, Elvis Presley, is still always on our mind, according to a new survey to discover the greatest music star of all time. Today's generation of pop heroes were left all shook up by Presley who confirmed his status as the King of Rock and Roll. As TV viewers vote for a new pop idol in the ITV television show of the same name, the poll conducted by Vizzavi shows they would have to go a long way to match the popularity of golden oldies. A surprise second in the poll was Cliff Richard, the Peter Pan of pop, who came ahead of current chart topper Robbie Williams. In listing the qualities a pop idol needs, 40% of respondents said they looked for a strong singing voice and musical talent rather than good looks and the ability to dance. Here is a list of the top ten Pop Idols: 1 Elvis Presley, 2 Cliff Richard, 3 Robbie Williams, 4 The Beatles, 5 Madonna, 6 Frank Sinatra, 7 John Lennon, 8 Freddie Mercury, 9 Michael Jackson, 10 Elton John.
Source: Ananova / Updated: Dec 27, 2001 
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