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Released in Thailand on October 10, 2003 is the new Elvis book “Elvis On Stamps (1978 – 2003)" by author Dr.Nitaya Kanchanawan to coincide with Bangkok 2003 World Philatelic Exhibition. The Book featured more than 100 full color pictures of Elvis stamps from 62 countries and territories from all over the world are shown. On the cover are stamps from Turkmenistan showing Elvis with the Queen of Thailand on the set of G.I.Blues in 1960. The Crown Princess of Thailand visited Elvis Stamps booth on the opening day of the Exhibition, October 4, 2003.
Source: HT Long / Updated: Oct 22, 2003 
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elvis on stamps (profilecontact) wrote on May 12, 2005report abuse
Dr. Nitaya Kanchanawan who is President of the Elvis Presley Information Center of Thailand, and is the Offical President of the Elvis Presley Fan Club in all of Thailand, has copyright infringement of another stamp book, "Elvis On Stamps". She stole the title "Elvis On stamps" from another book copyrighted in 1995. Dr. Kanchanawan has yet to answer the charges.
1. Infringement of copyright
2. Stole title
3. Illegally published
4. False claims about the originality
Thank you. R.G. King, author, "Elvis On Stamps"
* See book review Amazon & Barnes & Noble.
Nitz (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 15, 2003report abuse
I have a copy of this very unique book. It's a must-have for the serious Elvis collector. We already have a surfeit of biographies. Congratulations to the author for patiently tracing all those countries.
Luuk (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 26, 2003report abuse
This looks like an interesting book. I would love to see one on Elvis Presley phonecards too.

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