Elvis Song Cut Up For Disney Movie

On Elvis World japan there's a transcript of a talk with Lilo & Stitch's Producer Clark Spencer. It has a few interesting facts. Here are three quotes: "Clark Spencer: You know, when director Chris Sanders pitched this concept for the movie, he used Elvis as a characteristic to describe Lilo. We never meant to have Elvis music in the film. He just said "Lilo's this little girl. She's lonely. She carries around a vinyl record player and she listens to Elvis music." But as the film started to evolve, we really gravitated towards that idea of Elvis and said "wouldn't it be fun to put some music in?"" "We had to do things that you're just never allowed to do without a ton of permission: Show an Elvis picture and mention his name, put Stitch into the white jumpsuit from the Hawaii concert, and actually take "Devil in Disguise" and mix it around - the guitar solo comes in the song after the second verse, but we needed it to come after the first verse, so we moved things around - no problems whatsoever." "As far as we know, nobody has ever been able to get that many masters on to an album that wasn't RCA ... you know, RCA owns most of the masters, so to have it not to be on a RCA label is a pretty big step."
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: Jun 4, 2002 
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