Elvis Sings The Blues

In the 'how to make a quick buck'-series we are now presented with a bootleg version of the 80's club CD 'Elvis Sings The Blues'.


1. When It Rains, It Really Pours, 2. New Orleans ( Electronic Reprocessed STEREO ) *, 3. It Feels So Right 4. A Mess Of Blues ( MONO Master )*, 5. Like A Baby, 6. Reconsider Baby, 7. I Feel So Bad ( MONO Master )* 8. Give Me The Right, 9. Beach Boy Blues, 10. Big Boss Man, 11. Stranger In My Own Home Town, 12. Power Of My Love, 13. My Babe, 14. Got My Mojo Working, 15. Steamroller Blues, 16. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone ( slow version ), 17. Lawdy Miss Clawdy ( take 1 ), 18. Ain't That Loving You Baby ( take 1 ), 19. Down In The Alley ( take 6 ). 20. Tiger Man ( live, 2nd sit-down show, NBC Special 1968 ), 21. Trying To Get To You ( live, 2nd sit-down show, NBC Special 1968 ), 22. After Loving You ( take 3 ), 23. Baby What You Want Me To Do ( live, 08/22 1969, midnight show ), 24. My Baby Left Me ( live, March 20 - 1974, Memphis Tennessee ), 25. Shake A Hand ( original session mix ) 26. Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues ( unedited undubbed master ), * original album tracks

Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Aug 22, 2012 
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benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 26, 2012report abuse
Live and let live . Always El.
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 25, 2012report abuse
Japio, you are quite right in mentioning all the re-re-re-re-re ... It becomes clear that the end of the line is nigh!
japio (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 25, 2012report abuse
Thanks to all who's leave a comment. And not calling names. especially it is negaitve. I have respect ofcourse to everybody and their opinion. Looks like some people have a part in making this CRAP. And if those people has a problem with me. Send me a PM. Instead attacking me and calling my name especially. And yes. The original album was released in the late 80's and later as a limited edition on cd. it was then really a good addtion. Now a ripp of. if you like it's ok. But enough is enough. Give something new istead ripp the Elvisfans off.
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 25, 2012report abuse
Well, remarks like 'How to make...', crap and so forth are one way of looking at it. For long standing fans there is nothing new and as I stated before not as exiting as maybe 30 years ago. Possibly there is a market, new fans, otherwise these compilations (from whatever angle these are offered) would not surface. It is a pity that some of these releases are possibly even not a true asset for those new fans who like to set up a worthwhile collection. Maybe that's more the question than calling names.
Tracey Jayne (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 25, 2012report abuse
Again a simple release like this leads to 'verbal ' attacks on fans who make an opinion felt and have every right to voice it here, regarding this release again fans have every right to buy it or leave it.......probably aimed at the collector who wants a silver disc version of this original album and not the fans who seem to have it all anyway.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 24, 2012report abuse
This release,and the many stupid useless compilations are a waste of space and only clutter up the catalog,whats pathetic is many elvos orginal albums are only in print from import versions. And if i wasnt bold enough with these statements, i will say again that ftd is nothing but a money machine. Off track like the regular label. Isnt freedom of speech great!
Jamie (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 24, 2012report abuse
Hello Comeoneverybody, from my point of view I don't like Elvis Presley to exist at any level as a cash cow for exploitative entrepeneurs showing Elvis, his music and his fans a lack of respect. The deliberate inclusion of a song in the abomination that was reprocessed stereo is too crass for words. 'Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues' name checks the Blues in its title but is a country song if ever there was one. So are 'After Loving You' and ''Shake a Hand'. What are they doing on 'Elvis Sings The Blues'? Elvis as cash dispenser machine, Elvis fans as idiots. The money-grabbing s*ds can go to hell.
japio (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 24, 2012report abuse
It's my opinion. We live in a free world. if you don't like it. I don't care. But probably your a real Elvis fan and i'm not. And why i should buy these cd's .Only it's on a silver disc. Is there something new on it. NO That's why i don't like the Im a Elvis fan cd. why should i buy this compilations?

But tell me why you always attacking me when i give my opinion. there are more who complains about these CRAP Good boy aren't you . You will buy ofcourse. If a honest guy you will give comment to everybody who's don't have the same opinon about this chaep releases. or is it the easy way for you
commoneverybody (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 24, 2012report abuse
Tell me Japio, i'm just wandering....how come that EVERY time a release like this comes up, you tell the same old stories over and over again...what is it??? By now, we know how you feel about these releases. Whats 'the 'crap' and 'cheap releases' talk all about?? What's the difference with this release or, lets say, Sony's I AM AN ELVIS FAN release with the same old songs over and over again. Please dont say anything, i'll do it for you: NOTHING! The reason releases like SINGS THE BLUES are made is because, somehow, somewhere, lots of fans are buying them. Otherwise they would stop making them. Thats the simple truth. Most fans don't have the original releases on the RCA CLUB series, and so it's great to have these albums on shiny silver. It' as simple as always: don't like it, don't buy it, but please stop these 'cool sounding' quotes about 'crap' or 'boycot these releases' . Don't judge for others, everybody has a differend taste of what they want or need in their cd collection.
japio (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 24, 2012report abuse
what Natha and Steve says are true. But the problem is that there are fans who'd buy or want to buy this cheap releases, they keep coming with releases like this. These people are not Elvis fans. But people that uses his name to ripps us off. they know they can sell what they release. So wake up plz and boycot these releases.
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 22, 2012report abuse
This might have been a great success in the late seventies. But now-a-days? Come on. Indeed Steve V, one can hardly fathom that people might buy this one. As the production costs of these CDs seem pretty low, only a few sold means profit!
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 22, 2012report abuse
Such is the Elvis CD world. Total mess. Nice to see the money machine is still working overtime though.
Jamie (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 22, 2012report abuse
Sorry gang, this is such a turkey it's chances of surviving Christmas are zero. 'New Orleans' in reprocessed stereo? A hotel showroom rendition of 'Baby What You Want Me to Do'? The likes of 'Give Me the Right' and 'Shake a Hand' preferred to 'So Glad You're Mine'? Too bad to be funny.
marco31768 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 22, 2012report abuse
A very good old LP. This CD is welcome in bootleg world.
Martin DJ (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 22, 2012report abuse
I bought the original lp, way back when. Not a bad track in sight.

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