Elvis Sings The Beatles

The promo CD "Elvis Sings The Beatles" has been rereleased by JAT Publishing for the upcoming 40th anniversary of the only meeting of Elvis and The Beatles. The CD is now available without the Beatles book it was originally released with.
Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Sep 13, 2004 
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King Of Western Bop (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 27, 2004report abuse
While I agree with most of what Carl says, I also noted that John Lennon's personal portable Jukebox didn't have one Elvis recording on it, instead featuring a lot of Motown artists. Although he was an Elvis fan, he was one who thought that Elvis died when he went into the army. His opinion but not one I'd agree with.
Carl (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 18, 2004report abuse
As John Lennon hinself said: Elvis was the ONLY one that ever mattered for the Beatles. Elvis was the biggest and the baddest and the greatest. No one else ever mattered to them.
The beatles always were shooting for Elvis because, as Lennon said, Elvis was the top. So meeting Elvis was the greatest moment for the Beatles. I think Lennon felt they had finally made it to the top when they met Elvis.
So the Beatles regarded Elvis like Bob Dylan did, like Bruce Springsteen and others: Elvis was the only one that really mattered. Elvis was the ONLY person the Beatles ever wanted to meet. Lennon admitted that in an interview.
The Beatles also recorded several Elvis songs: Ringo Starr released "Don't Be Cruel" as a single in 1992. Paul released "All Shhok Up", "I Got STung", "It's Now or Never", "That's All Right", etc. George said that he first learned about rock and roll when he heard HEARTBREAK HOTEL playing on a radio in 1956. ANd Lennon has recorded "Don't Be Cruel", "Hound Dog", All Shook Up", etc.
You can't have the Beatles without Elvis. Lennon said that too. But it is important to note that the Beatles themselves regarded Elvis as the true King of Rock and Roll and the greatest American performer!
forelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 17, 2004report abuse
"Montana wrote on September 14, 2004: Have anyone ever seen photos of Elvis and the Beatles together? There must have been a photografer there for the meeting, but I never remember seen any photos."
I have one picture that I sent to Montana. Elvis look very humble at the doors. He have the aducation to guide them at the door of the house and one john Lennon with a cigar and with an unbearable attitude: he got his "trophy".
Carl (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 17, 2004report abuse
Montana, there are published photos of the Beatles meeting Elvis in 1965 outside of LA. I saw a black and white photo of John Lennon entering a car with Elvis in the doorway of his house as the Beatles were apparently leaving (or arriving?). This is in a Beatles photo book which is available in stores or maybe amazon.com. I was very surprised to see this photo of the Beatles and Elvis togethe! I too thought no photos existed.
But someone should get that book and scan the photo in question. It is out there and available. No one has the sense to scan it though!
As for the meeting itself, Paul said Elvis was learning the bass guitar and played a little bit of "I Feel Fine". There have been unsubstantiated reports that they played Carl Perkins' MATCHBOX. They apparently talked a lot and shot pool. The Fabs liked Elvis' Sun stuff so probably some of the Sun stuff was done. Right after the meeting, John Lennon recorded a song (Run for your Life from RUBBER SOUL) which is based on Elvis' Baby Let's Play House. Lennon said he used a line from that song. Lennon also said that Come Together has some Elvis influence. And of course Paul said Lady Madonna was his imitation of Elvis. At the time of Magical Mystery Tour, Lennon also dressed up in an Elvis jacket, etc., for a photo. So there was a lot of cross-influence here.
Can someone find that photo of The Beatles and Elvis together and scan it? That would be great. I have a photo of Gene Vincent and Blue Cap Paul Peek meeting Elvis in 1956. Also, George Harrison met Elvis backstage at an Elvis concert in the early 1970s.
Girl Happy (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 15, 2004report abuse
It's also a disappointment that neither Red West or Charlie Hodge recorded anything of that home session. Maybe they never played music at all, George Harrison said he never played music there, only John Lennon said he did. I really wonder what kind of music they would have played together: "Hound dog" or "Can't Buy Me Love" ?
rik (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 15, 2004report abuse
well there are some candid shots taken from over a fence as the beatles were leaving with elvis in the back. they are in the tunzi book beatles '65. if there are shots they are in private (beatle?) possesion...i spoke to the chauffeur of the beatles (alf bicknell) a few years ago. he said he can't remember photos taken (and recording also).
Montana (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 14, 2004report abuse
Have anyone ever seen photos of Elvis and the Beatles together? There must have been a photografer there for the meeting, but I never remember seen any photos.

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