Elvis Shirt Stolen And Returned

A silk shirt owned by Budd Glass that once belonged to Elvis Presley has been stolen from the State Fair of Texas. And whoever has taken it "will be caught" declared Glass. The shirt which is part of Glass’ King’s Ransom exhibition was on display, behind glass, in the Hall of State on the fairgrounds Tuesday night. The building was locked up overnight. When the Hall was opened the next morning at 10am Wednesday, the shirt was gone. The missing shirt was not noticed until around 11am, when Glass dropped by the exhibit and immediately called security. According to Police sources, there was no evidence of a break-in at the Hall, and it is not clear at this time whether the shirt was there when the Hall opened in the morning. Glass said he believes "a fan stole it", and it would be difficult to sell the shirt underground as one worn by Elvis. Presley wore the blue China silk shirt in the 1970s. It is button-down, with ruffled sleeves, and broken elastic in the right armband. Elvis’ nurse gave it to Glass, he said. Dallas police took fingerprints and a surveillance tape Wednesday morning. Glass declined to put a value on the shirt. Updated October 14, 2005 The blue China silk shirt, once owned by Elvis Presley, is back in the collection. "We're grateful to all involved for the swift return of this item", says Howe, "The staff at The State Fair, and the Dallas Police, did a wonderful job here, and it just goes to show you that you can't put a price on state-of-the-art security."
Source: Various / Updated: Oct 13, 2005 
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cathyreno (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2005report abuse
don't blame 'THE ELVIS FAN' possible people who know what a good investment saw a opportunity and took it. Its terrible but if there was no evidence of break-in maybe its someone Glass knows.. hope its found T C B

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