Elvis Rules In British Hit Singles And Albums List

The Guinness British Hit Singles and Albums book ranks artists every year according to how many weeks they have spent in the UK singles and albums charts. Elvis Presley still tops the list having notched up 2463 weeks in the UK singles and albums charts – more than the time he was alive for. This year, US band the Red Hot Chili Peppers are the only new entry – making it to number 97. Those who have a chance of getting in next year include Britney Spears, Eminem, Westlife, Radiohead and Iron Maiden, according to the list’s compilers. Spandau Ballet has fallen out of the top 100, while Michael Jackson is the highest climber as he is now number eight. The acts which have climbed the list include The Stereophonics to 84, The Corrs to 89; Guns n’ Roses to 74; and Robbie Williams to 43. George Michael has risen to 56; R.E.M to 32; Cher to 68 and Simply Red to 26. Those to fall down the list include Electric Light Orchestra to 54; Bruce Springsteen to 47; Blur to 91; and Mike Oldfield to 48. British Hit Singles & Albums editor David Roberts said: “It’s very rare to get new acts breaking into the Top 100, so this really is an incredible achievement”. Rank Artist Weeks Total 1 Elvis Presley 2463 2 Cliff Richard 1972 3 Beatles 1742 4 Queen 1725 5 Madonna 1653 6 Elton John 1615 7 The Shadows 1578 8 Michael Jackson 1477 9 David Bowie 1459 10 U2 1402
Source: Google / Updated: Dec 29, 2004 
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hillbillycatlover (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 31, 2004report abuse
This is wonderful news!! Have a question for our British mates, tho...remember last year...there was a British poll that declared Frank Sinatra as the number one singer over Elvis who came in second. Lots of upset Elvis fans on that one, boy! Well, note that Sinatra is not on this poll here at all. What happened with Frank? Totally agree that Elvis deserves the number one spot, but I am surprised that Frank did not score in the top ten. Anyone over there across our mutual pond that can tell us what's happening with these polls...? tytyvm

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