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The CD "Rising Sun" is a budget CD release which features Elvis' first Sun Recordings. It is the second in probably a long line of SUN releases now Elvis' first SUN recordings entered the public domain after the copyright ran out as of January 1st. 2005. It features three SUN singles and then the remaining studio tracks are in order of recording, but they omitted the song "I'm Left, Your Right, She's Gone". Two live bonus songs from the Louisiana Hayride were added. Track listing: Thats All Right / Blue Moon Of Kentucky / Good Rockin' Tonight / I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine / Milkcow Blues Boogie / You're A Heartbreaker / I Love You Because / Harbour Lights / Blue Moon / Tomorrow Night / I'll Never Let You Go / Just Because Bonus Songs: Thats All Right (Live October 14, 1954) / Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Live October 14, 1954).
Source: The Elvis Express / Updated: Feb 6, 2005 
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Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 14, 2005report abuse
One consequence of these out-of-copyright CD's has occurred to me. In a couple of years time, the market will be flooded with CD's containing Elvis' Sun recording and first RCA recordings. These CD's will be sold mainly at market stalls, being sold to casual buyers and people dipping that first toe in the world of Elvis recordings. They will at least get compilations of decent studio recordings in good quality, unlike the CD's that have previously been on offer which have all featured poorly mastered live recordings taken from the Louisiana Hayride broadcasts and the Eagles Hall tape. Anybody that bought one of these CD's as their initial purchase would surely be put off of buying anything else by Elvis. In life, there is good and bad in everything.
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 9, 2005report abuse
Another one of these releases has turned up on ebay. This one is called "1954 Year One" and features just four tracks, which are "That's All Right", "Blue Moon of Kentucky", "Good Rockin' Tonight" and "I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine". The packaging is very plain, the cover just shows a guitar and the CD title over a yellow background. Neither Elvis' name nor image are displayed. The advert states that this CD can only be sold to customers in the UK, EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand because the recordings are only in the public domain in those regions.
asd123 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 7, 2005report abuse
This is well known stuff and we propably will get hundrets of such budget releases within the next 20 years...
Aarons (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2005report abuse
Hmm 2 live recordings from 1954 I'm not too sure about getting this one.

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