Elvis-restaurant On Beale To Re-open In January

After having being closed for almost 3 years, Elvis Presley’s Memphis – the Elvis themed restaurant on Beale Street – is re-opening its doors. The official re-opening is scheduled for Elvis Week in January, and will be attended by many Elvis-celebrities, probably including Priscilla and Lisa Marie. Different from what it used to be, EPE will not exploit the restaurant, but a third party that reached an agreement with EPE and the Sillerman team.
Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Oct 5, 2005 
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cathyreno (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 7, 2005report abuse
knew it was too good to be true. still hope it comes back though. T C B
cathyreno (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 7, 2005report abuse
thanks Teacher I
Teacher (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 7, 2005report abuse
Posted on the official Elvis site:

Rumor Buster: Status of the Former Elvis Presley's Memphis Restaurant 10/6/2005
On numerous Elvis fan sites and messageboards today, information, much of it incorrect, was posted regarding the status of Elvis Presley Enterprises? (EPE?s) efforts to find a new tenant for the building that formerly housed its Elvis Presley?s Memphis restaurant on Beale Street. Here is the straight story with some background for those who might not be aware of the history:

The building is the former home of the historic Lansky Brothers? men?s clothing store, which Elvis frequented. EPE leased the property from the Lanskys, remodeled it, and operated Elvis Presley?s Memphis restaurant there from 1997 to 2003. Although the restaurant closed, EPE?s long-term release with the Lanskys remains in effect.

Since 2003, EPE has been pursuing a sub-lease arrangement by communicating with various highly regarded restauranteurs who might be interested in opening a new restaurant and live entertainment venue there. EPE has kept open the possibility of also forming a partnership/licensee relationship with a new tenant and being involved to some degree with the new venture. EPE is very optimistic that a new tenant will be confirmed soon. The name of the new restaurant, any changes in the interior/exterior design of the facility, and whether the new venture will maintain some thematic tie to the Elvis legacy all remain to be determined as discussions with a potential new tenant continue.

If all goes as hoped, a new restaurant could be open by late Spring 2006. EPE looks forward to sharing further information when a new tenant is confirmed and details are finalized.

Fan site and messageboard reports of plans for an opening celebration are pure fabrication or speculation by those making such posts. Actually, how the opening of a new venture might be celebrated has not even been discussed yet.
weberv41 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 7, 2005report abuse
Great! I really thought it was cool there. I agree that the staff was nice and fun. Hopefully I can go to Memphis again in the future and it will stil be open. I thought the food was quite good.
Crawfish (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 6, 2005report abuse
Great news. I loved it there and second the fact that I found both the people and the food great. It was a fun place and that building could only ever be Elvis-related. Good luck to them all for next year; I will be seeing it then!
cathyreno (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 6, 2005report abuse
this is great news that place was awesome I practially lived there when I was on hols in 2001. the staff were excellent food lovely but expensive but the best thing about it was every 15-20 mins the big screen came down and Elvis would be on some pretty rare footage too.
I'm hoping to go back so I'll be there!!! T C B everyone

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