Elvis Presley's Memphis Closed

As of Tuesday, September 16th, Elvis Presley's Memphis restaurant on Beale Street will be closed. We are proud of the excellence of the facility, the quality of the operation and the dedication of our employees there. Elvis Presley Enterprises has made a substantial investment in the historic Lansky Building at 206 Beale St. and will continue to lease and control the property. Because of the continued growth of the downtown market, we consider this building and location to be extremely valuable. EPE has other plans for the building and will continue to investigate other opportunities in order to maximize the benefits of this superb location.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Sep 16, 2003 
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Crazyann (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 17, 2003report abuse
Why? Why? Why? How come no explanation? I've visited Memphis many times, having returned from there 3 weeks ago. I've always had a fantastic time each time I've visited EPM and have some VERY happy memories of meeting up with special friends there. It's a real shame it's closed... and like Steve B, I'll miss the pecan crusted catfish!!
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 17, 2003report abuse
Please forgive me if I have misread the article, but it doesn't say WHY the restaurant is being closed down ?. I can only guess that from a commercial viewpoint, the restaurant wasn't operating as successfully as EPE would have liked. On the other hand, if it was, why is it being closed down ?!?.
Crawfish (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 17, 2003report abuse
This is so very sad. I hope EPE have something fantastic up their sleeve. Have been to EP's Memphis so many times and have NEVER been disappointed with either the food, service or atmosphere. Got there one night at 6 pm. in order to see the Dempseys who were due on at 8.30! Sat there until early hours of the morning. What a loss to those people who have not yet had the chance to visit in and take in the "Lansky" atmosphere on Beale Street. Although am prepared to give EPE the benefit of the doubt and hope something as good will replace it - although why not open another EP's Memphis somewhere else where we can go? Very sorry to see it go. But thanks to the staff for a fantastic job in the past years.
JamesB (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 17, 2003report abuse
This is a very sad day. Both myself and my wife Angie have enjoyed spending evenings in EP's Memphis, and on our most recent visit were lucky enough to experience our first (and probably last now) Gospal brunch. I was looking forward to taking my child there one day, but alas this will not happen. I'll miss it..
2much (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 17, 2003report abuse
What in the world could put that building to better use than Elvis Presley's Memphis? That is a place no one wants to miss when they go to Memphis! Whose idea was this? I hope they have something most excellent in mind to replace it. Very sad!
Steve B. (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 17, 2003report abuse
I will miss that yummy nana puddin and pecan crusted catfish.
Claudia (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 16, 2003report abuse
This is sooo sad. I went to Elvis Presley's Memphis several times while I was in Memphis, and I had a great time there every night. Great atmosphere, great music, great employees and great food! I was already looking forward to going there next year but that won't happen now I guess..
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 16, 2003report abuse
It's not been a very good week in the Elvis world has it !
Ricsta (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 16, 2003report abuse
This is very bad news indeed. At one point they (EPE) were even talking of a chain of restaurants...so this is not good. I have been there a few times and thought it was a good idea. Nice place, good food, and good entertainment. I just hope they do not sell out for the money, as the Lansky's building it is of great historical importance.
weberv41 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 16, 2003report abuse
oh, that's terrible! I just went to Memphis for the first time in the Spring. I thought the food there was REALLY good, now I'm upset that I won't be able to go there ever again. There was some pretty cool stuff in there too. How sad. :(
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 16, 2003report abuse
I am saddened to hear that this location will close. I have been there dozens of times over the 6 years it has been operating as 'Elvis Presley's Memphis'.I hope EPE comes up with an interesting idea for this historic building, in this historic area. Craig from New York.

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