'Elvis Presley's GOLD CADILLAC Tour Of Australasia 1968-69'

This unique 2006 book looking at 'Presley's GOLD CADILLAC Tour of Australasia' has now been revised and enlarged to 106 pages, with heaps of coloured pictures, not used in the previous three pressings of the book. The issue has many new features, including a couple of very rare photographs supplied by Graceland /EPE of the awards presented to Elvis by the NSW Benevolent Society.

Additional items have also been supplied by Bob Stephens who was President of the Elvis Presley Fan Club in Sydney at that time, especially the Official Invitation Card that was sent to a very select few. Plus, read what the current United States Ambassador to Australia Mr Jeffrey L Bleich has written about Elvis. 

The book will be issued in early December and a full review of this revised Edition will be featured prior to the release. Those wishing to purchase a copy must contact author Bob Hayden directly, as this will be a very Limited Edition. Cost is expected to be around the AU$35 for this coloured Edition, plus postage and handling. There will also be a limited pressing done in Black and White with the same coloured cover. 

Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Nov 17, 2011 
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Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 22, 2011report abuse
This car is not going to Europe, or anywhere. The tour documented in this book was in the sixties, there is a slight clue to that in the title.
Lindseybabe (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 21, 2011report abuse
When does it come to Europe ? in 2012/13/14 ?? Please, those who know or can ask EPE Inc. please inform us asap. Thanks.

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