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Elvis Presley In Concert reunites members of Elvis’ original TCB Band live on stage with the state of the art video-projected Elvis. This amazing production is returning to the U.S. for two special performances. Elvis Presley in Concert will be at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT on February 12, and at New York's Radio City Music Hall on February 15. Tickets for both shows are on sale now!

Tune in to Elvis Radio for a pre-concert Valentine's Day exclusive! The special will feature guest DJ "Maestro" Joe Guercio and the legendary TCB Band, featuring James Burton and Glen D. Hardin. Tune in at 4:00 p.m. EST on Monday, February 14. 

Source: Elvis.com / Updated: Feb 4, 2011 

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paulreno (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 8, 2011report abuse
I love these concerts, but they are not really "virtual". Some of the tapes have just been "turned down" to reduce the backing track. (This is especially noticeable when Elvis introduces the band members.) I did take a friend along who was not an Elvis fan, but was impressed to see a 1970 Elvis - not looking like the 50's Elvis he was used to. He was surprised to see Elvis with long hair and unkempt. And he enjoyed the show - he would have told me if he though it was crap. I am sure technology will improved (Japan are talking about real 'holographic' images in 3D) But right now it's Elvis projected onto a video screen and the band playing along to great multitrack tapes - where they can separate Elvis's vocal track. I look forward to seeing what technology brings. Eventually it really will be "Elvis Is In The Building".
MickeyN (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2011report abuse
I hugely respect the views of Brian Quinn as a real fan, however I think he is underestimating the massive popularity of Elvis in the USA ( I am based in London). The Elvis in Concert series has been sold out every time, I attended several in UK and the two I've seen in Memphis (Pyramid 2002 and Fed Ex 2007) were amazing. Three points that Brian makes are very true:
- The concept of the concert is difficult to explain and I am sure that that loses potential audiences - when the show first came to UK (1999, I think) I did not go, thinking it was a gimmick - I still regret that decision;
- Tickets are expensive, especially in hard times;
- The EIC show is competing with a huge number of other acts, many of whom are relentlessly promoted by other media who have an interest eg the Glee cast sang live on the "X Factor" (a popular programme already promoting its own performers) and took every opportunity to advertise their shows later in the year. Unfortunately, a Paul Weller/Jam quote is appropriate here, " ...the public wants what the public gets"
bandit64 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2011report abuse
Also there was never a 2nd show at Mohegan show NEVER planned, the runor of it being cancelled it totally false!
bandit64 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 6, 2011report abuse
Spoke to a girl from ticketmaster hardly any tickets remain, Feb 12th Connecticut 100 tickets left, And Feb 15th Radio City(NYC) only 50 tickets left! To me thats a SELLOUT!!! the king can still pack them in!!
Steve B. (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2011report abuse
Brian, You make some valid points. I have been fortunate to see this great production six times, all in the States. All the shows we attended had great crowds. Of course, the highlight event was the Aug. 2007 at the Fed X Forum in Memphis. That is a night I will never forget. We need to keep in mind that Elvis did over 1,000 shows in the 70's, all in the USA, none overseas. Therefore, fans overseas never got to experience the greatest live performer, ever.

Also, when I try and explain the concept to folks, I always get the "Elvis impersonator" responce as well. I think the shows at Radio City and Mohegan Sun will be sold-out. I think the show at Radio City did sell-out two times several years ago. I am hoping they will add some more US dates as I want my five year old to experience ELVIS!
Brian Quinn (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2011report abuse
I do believe there are many reasons why 'Elvis In Concert' is not as popular in the U.S.A. compared to Europe. The following are the ones I personally believe to be the cause, albeit one can only give generalised opinions when one is commenting on the social world:

(1) Elvis' main fan base is rapidly diminishing through age and death.

(2) In the U.S.A. Elvis appears to be considered by the majority as mainly a '1950's rock 'n' roller' and therefore a concert featuring taped performances from the 1970's will not appeal. In contrast, European fans generally prefer the 1968-1971 era of Elvis.The success of the 'Million Dollar Quartet' play in the U.S.A.tends to prove this point. If my reasoning is correct I predict that the same show, which opens in London next week, will not be anywhere near as successful.

(3) New York has never really been a stronghold for Elvis - it is more attuned to The Beatles e.g. John Lennon living there for a time with a bust in Central Park; Shea Stadium etc. Even Elvis did not want to play in New York according to Jerry Weintraub, the promoter for his 1972 concerts at Madison Square Garden.Elvis never again played New York after these four concerts, although he played in neighbouring Long Island. If I were promoting this Concert I would go for Elvis strongholds e.g. Las Vegas,Texas,Florida, California and other areas which have a high volume of international tourists.

(4)Radio Stations will not play his records and even the few 'oldies stations' who do mainly play the same ones from the 1950's.This is linked to(b)above.

(5) Lack of TV advertising for the Concert. I suspect, but I may be wrong, that there has been little TV advertising for the Radio City and Mohegan Sun concerts. The promoters for the said concerts have to make a profit and TV advertising is very expensive. They therefore tend not to advertise on TV - hence the vast majority of the public do not know about it.

(6) The economic downturn. When competition for scarce resources (money)is apparent then people will go for the best deal i.e. concerts where there is a 'live' entertainer.

(7) People know that Elvis is dead and therefore assume that the Concert can only feature an Elvis impersonator.

(8) Compared to Europe, the U.S.A. is massive and there appears to be little co-ordination between fans from State to State and inter-State. I have always felt that the U.S.A. lacked a National Fan Club with Statewide Branches co-ordinated by EPE. Such a set up would allow fans to be kept more aware of current events e.g. new record releases and concerts etc. happening on a National and Local basis.

My final observation is that WORD OF MOUTH sells this Concert.

Having said all this, the last I heard was that this Concert was near to sell-outs at Radio City and Mohegan Sun. I suspect they will be on the day.Further, there was no cancelled show - the rumour of a second one being cancelled at the Mohegan Sun Arena proved to be false.

For those who are going to see this Concert, especially for the first time, I KNOW you are going to be knocked out. I have seen it 20 times now (and looking forward to another two in March 2012)and each production appears to improve on the last. This is THE JEWEL in the Crown for EPE and I sincerely hope that the Concerts are a great success.It's the nearest one can get to seeing Elvis 'live'.
Sirbalkan (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2011report abuse
American Elvis fans were begging for this virtual concert tour for years. Now there are three concerts chance (one of them were cancelled), but they are still not SOLD OUT. If people were crazy for this concert so why don't they buy their tickets? I am from Istanbul and I bought 10 tickets wsth my friends to go to o2 arena concert in 2012 already. It's strange. really strange...

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