Elvis Presley Birthplace Seeks City Upkeep

An estimated 75,000 visitors a year flock to the Elvis Presley Birthplace. For the Elvis Presley Memorial Foundation, which oversees the site, part-time upkeep isn't enough. Members have proposed that the grounds have full-time attention to complement recent improvements. Henry Dodge, the foundation chairman, recently pointed out those improvements to the Tupelo City Council. Now, Dodge and the foundation want to turn the birthplace site into a world-class attraction, and that means a full-time maintenance worker. The proposal to the city asks for a $10,000 supplement to maintain the grounds, but for the foundation to have its own maintenance employee instead of sharing one with the city parks and recreation department. The city will consider the foundation's request in December. The proposal will save the city $7,000 per year of the $17,000 it already invests in the site, including the maintenance worker, who usually spends 30-plus hours a week at the birthplace.
Source: Google / Updated: Nov 25, 2004 
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tcbme (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 1, 2004report abuse
I think it should be kept up by the local historical socioty! It should be a historical lanndmark!!
Crawfish (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 26, 2004report abuse
As Maurice says, it is (excepting Memphis of course) the most fantastic place to visit and when I revisited in April it was great to see the finished work - so tastefully done; a real credit to Elvis and to those who designed it. When I visited last year the little house was shrouded in red builders tape to protect it so I wasn't sure quite what to expect. Any money put into the birthplace will surely be replenished in next to no time. A wonderful piece of work!
MauriceColgan (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 25, 2004report abuse
Elvis Presley's birthplace has been tastefully refurbished in recent years. The life-sized bronze statue of, "Elvis at 13", the "Story Wall", "Fountain of Life", and of course the little house where Elvis was born have become a major part of the growing tourist industry in Tupelo Mississippi. The 8 January 2005 is sure to receive massive publicity because of the 70 Anniversary of Elvis's birth. Henry Dodge has done great work. The City should come up with the cash. After all, Elvis has put Tupelo on the map!

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