Elvis Pass Collection

Clubhouse Pass has compiled its first collection of fully licensed Elvis passes to be introduced to the public. This collection consists of four different highlights in his career. It depicts his life in the movies, on stage, his albums, and memorable highlights. On the photo you see a set of three passes: two from the movie stage of Elvis' career and one from the '68 Special.

The Platinum Pass replicates Elvis' top selling 'Platinum Only' albums. Each Platinum Pass will carry on a unique theme depicting the look and feel of that particular platinum album.

1956 Elvis Pass
1958 Elvis' Golden Records Pass
'68 Special

All Access Pass is a collection of Elvis' most important concerts. Each All Access Pass has a design that characterizes each particular concert.

1956 Tupelo
'68 Comeback Special
1973 Aloha From Hawaii

Backstage Pass - The big screen was a big part of Elvis' life and the Backstage Pass has been developed as a Movie Backstage Pass. Each Backstage Pass will be a triangle pass with the overall design from his movie career.

1956 Love Me Tender
1960 G.I. Blues
1961 Blue Hawaii

VIP Pass - Elvis had many memorable highlights in his life. The VIP Pass has been fashioned to capture his most recognizable highlights. Each VIP Pass will be a circle shape designed to recognize these highlights.

1st Ed Sullivan Show
1st RCA Contract
Private Presley

Source: Elvis Australia / Updated: Jul 9, 2008 
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BigVern (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 11, 2008report abuse
You are all narrow-minded fools, FOOLS I say! Can nobody else see the endless possibilities should time travel be accomplished some day?
Harvey Alexander (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 10, 2008report abuse
If you buy any of this cheap tat will the 'backstage pass' get you into Graceland for free? No, I didn't think so. Once again, folks, EPE are laughing at us by sanctioning this bollix. Sillerman, schmillerman. Hope they all rot in hell.
2kisses&3scarfs (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 10, 2008report abuse
Is anyone actually going to buy this stuff??
dressingroomrehearsa (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 10, 2008report abuse
I once had a backstage pass to a Willie Nelson Show. Quote: Johnny Cash.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2008report abuse
When will the Elvis boomerang be available?
Jerome returns (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2008report abuse
can these also be used as a guitar pick?..
ElvisDayByDay (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 9, 2008report abuse
I pass ...

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