Elvis Only Update

The the primary reason the 24/7 web cast of Elvis Only ended is that the company that was streaming the show, Broadcastamerica.com, went under. Besides that there's another reason. Most people have heard of the battles being waged between Napster and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). There is a similar war currently being fought between radio stations and the RIAA, over "who-owes-what" in terms of web broadcasting. And, there is an amazingly restrictive set of laws, the Digital Millennium Communications Act, which makes a program like Elvis Only illegal to be broadcast on the web. Elvis Only, along with many other broadcast entities, are waiting for things to "shake out. Meanwhile, our a affiliation with NBG Radio Network is going strong. For non-US fans Elvis Only is working on a foreign distribution deal.
Source: Elvis Only / Updated: May 20, 2001 
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