Elvis, One For The Money

The Washington Post had an interesting article about Elvis being the biggest sell out ever. Of course the article is based upon the recent selling of EPE to Robert Sillerman.
Source: WP: Elvis, One For The Money / Updated: Dec 30, 2004 
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pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 1, 2005report abuse
I think its sad Lisa selling her dad and its even more sad that she sold Elvis for a pathetic 51 million pound. Is that all he is worth to her ? I thought the king was priceless. Maybe if all us fans save up enough money she will sell us Graceland
ronnie mole (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 31, 2004report abuse
all i have to say is COLONEL LISA MARIE PRESLEY.WHY O WHY. you sold your dad off to the highest bidder.
Jefffirmin (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 31, 2004report abuse
The only one that really sold Elvis out was the colonel. Whether Lisa becomes the second only time will tell. Sam Phillips made the right decision which gave Elvis greater exposure, Priscilla had to put up with a lot throughout their time together and has stayed loyal ever since as far as I can recall, the bodyguards took revenge, yes, but given what happened to them I can understand their resentment. For much of what happened during his career, endless poor movies, endless tours, poor access to new material, lack of new challenges, etc, etc, Elvis only had himself to blame. He should have taken more control. I only wish he had.
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 31, 2004report abuse
will elvis everstop getting sold out. 1st his dad sold him out to parker, and sam phillips sold him out to rca, and the colonel sold him out to rca and the hilton hotel and the movies he made in the 1960's, then his body gaurds sold him out and priscilla sold him out by ripping his heart out and now his own beloved daughter has sold him out. elvis if u were my dad i would never sell u out. your deserved better in life and in death. dont forget the fans will never sell u out we made u and we will continue to build your legacy. we owe it to u for the many years of enjoyment u gave us fans
Robert J. Brancucci (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 30, 2004report abuse
First of all, I feel that this is the top Elvis site on the web. I visit daily and I finally became a member today. I must say, the timing of the 85% of Elvis' legacy was perfect. Fans around the world were getting ready for the Holidays and Colonel Lisa was like a Great White Shark looking for chum bait. I have been an Elvis fan since I was four years old. I am now 44 and totally disgusted with this sale. I don't think Col. Lisa realizes what Elvis meant to his fans. This is the perverbial slap in the face and it REEKS of the COLONEL's philosophy. The man that basically ruined Elvis' tremendous talent and I believe assisted in his untimely passing. I wonder how well thought out this sale was? For example, the EPE people rarely sold any merchandis that was made during the "Concert Years!" I have plenty of it because it was purchased when Elvis was alive. I have a very valuble Elvis collection I stayed loyal, did EPE). The only good I see coming out of this is access to more 1970 memorabilia. Maybe the fans can help out too. Elvisnews ran a poll and most of the fans were displeased with what was being sold by EPE. I spent thousands of dollars on selected items. Lisa this was not a good move. The fans around the country are wondering if Scientology had some interest in this sale? I can tell you Elvis is right side up in his casket. You turned him upside down when you married M.J. Elvis is the greatest, no doubt. He will always be my idol and favorite entertainer. God bless Elvis Presley, the true King of Rock and Roll!

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