Elvis On Tour Petition

Late October we started the on-line petition for a (Special Edition) DVD of “Elvis On Tour”. Unfortunately not all Elvis sites were willing to support it, because “it will not work”. Of course there is a chance that people at MGM/Turner will be deaf for our request, but without trying you’ll never know. Gladly some of the more important Elvis sites understood that, thank you for that! In little more than a month 3723 fans signed the petition and we think that is a pretty good result. Those fans came from 81 different countries. Not less than 30% (1117) of the fans came from the United States. This is quite remarkable, since the sales of “That’s The Way It Is SE” were very disappointing in that country. Another country that draws attention is The Netherlands, since such a small country (only 16 mln. people) is in the top 5, higher than large European countries like Germany and France. The top 5 countries are:
United States1117
United Kingdom419
We sent the complete list of names (over 100 pages) to both Turner and Elvis Presley Enterprises.
Updated: Dec 1, 2002 

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