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On a plea for Elvis On Tour a fan got the following answer from Todd Morgan (EPE), which gives a little hope for the future: "There's really nothing for you guys to do. George Feltenstein, the guy at urner Entertainment behind the TTWII-SE release and who has all kinds of faith in Elvis, moved to the staff of Turner's parent company, Warner, a while back. He's behind all the soon-to-be-released new Elvis MGM movie DVDs and remains very enthusiastic about doing a new project with Elvis on Tour, just as he was when he was working on TTWII-SE. No amount of lobbying from the fans will make it move any faster. We think he'll be successful in pushing it through with those who control the purse strings there if these latest DVDs do well. We also expect that a success with our '68 and Aloha DVDs could have some influence. We have constantly, constantly encouraged Warner to do more with TTWII and to get on with doing a new project with Elvis on Tour. They know they have our complete cooperation and support. We also keep them constantly informed about everything we have going on, suggesting to them times that a new release from them could be the only new thing in the marketplace if that's their preference, and suggesting times that a lot of new things are happening and they could get in on the hoopla and cross-promotional opportunities surrounding that. Long ago, we asked George if encouraging fans in their interest in petitioning would do any good. We were advised that it would not and that it might actually aggravate things. One thing we all have to keep in mind is that while Elvis is the focus of EPE and of the Elvis fans, the movie companies have a huge catalog of films featuring many artists. Elvis is "the only one here in line" at EPE and with his fans. But, at the big movie companies, he's got to wait his turn in a very long line. And we know a million factors come into play for making any project happen. We're a one-artist company and it's mind-boggling how much we go through and how the planets have to align to get special projects of ours happen. It's much more complicated with the big multi-artist/multi-property companies. If it were up to us, you'd get TTWII and EOT in comprehensive form like our '68 and Aloha DVD sets. Thanks, Todd"
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Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 27, 2004report abuse
if elvis on tour and elvis in concert are grotesque to alot of people then why do they bother even releasing some of his movies again like clambake and paradise hawaiin style and a few other of his late 1960 movies? he was the same weight them as he was in 1972 and clambake he weighed the same as he did in elvis in concert on filming. the only difference in the 1960's was he had much shorter hair and sideburns which covered up his fatness. i seen some of elvis in concert cuz i took the time to down load it off the internet and sure he looked bad in some segmnets but come on his voice was still good. and the whole point of elvis in concert was to say farewell cuz elvis and parker knew he didnt have much time left. elvis on tour he wasnt really pale it was the lighting on him that made him look pale. being on tour in different cities and different arenas have different lighting and sound than what vegas did and his tv specials ( 68, and aloha) elvis was already burning in out in 1972 and was getting bored with the music in 1971. he wanted to do other music other than hound dog and his early hits but no one would accept it so there fore he stuck with those songs hound dog and such to please everyone. i like alot of his music in the later years alot better than his 50's and early to mid 60's stuff. songs such as its only love , im leavin and kentucky rain, american trilogy hurt, and others show the human being inside of him. but all in all back to the topic i wanna see a new elvis on tour come out minus all that yacking that people we dont care about in it. who cares about the hotel people and the people who set the speakers up. elvis on tour is supposed to be elvis on tour. i wanna hear him sing in concerts as a whole and i wanna hear his outlook on his music and the things he did in his life up to that point. the same with elvis in concert. its a shame teh video didnt have unchained melody in it which was a very nice song and it foreshadowed his own death in a opera like theme.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 8, 2004report abuse
Tell you the truth i am not really bothered about what Elvis looked like in the 77 special and Elvis on tour. I am a fan because of his great voice. The thing what i am more worried about is the british press. I know what the the british newspapers are like.
Elvisftdfan (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 8, 2004report abuse
EPE could have very easily released a box set of the CBS Special 77 along with the 2 special edition boxed sets. It should have the complete concert, the one shown on CBS with adverts. It also should have a disk of the Full Rapid city and Omaha concerts, all rehearseal material and anything else left from this concert. It seems to be crying out to be released but noone is doing anything.
Herman (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 8, 2004report abuse
Please people it's so simple, if you are an Elvis-fan then accept how Elvis' looks in 1977. Listen AND see How great thou art and Hurt, be honest what a voice. We should have this two complete concerts on DVD as soon as possible. Just look at an older picture of yourself, sometimes you think: "how could I ever look like that ? terrible". So Elvis in Concert '77 is just a part of his life. Great songs like O sole mio/It's now or never, Trying to get to you and of course it's nice to see (for the first time) the complete band solo's (James Burton - Johnny B goode his guitar on his back). About Elvis on Tour '72, c'mon Elvis fans we want to have this. There is nothing wrong with Elvis, okay he does not look so good like Aloha, but we all do sometimes. I hope that they will release a complete april-concert on DVD with the gospel-rehearsals as a bonus. But at this moment, I like to watch the new Aloha and Comeback DVD's. Thank you for reading my comment, I hope you Elvis fans will response my comment. Whit kind regards, Herman from the Netherlands.
Wiebe (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 8, 2004report abuse
I think that Elvis looked great in April72 it´s a little alternative with his hair like that and his pale face. Wouldn´t it have been boring if he would have looked like Aloha all the time. The funny thing is that the ¨worse¨ he looked the better he sang. I also think the high notes from In Concert are some of his best. In fact vocally he improved until the end. With in Concert his voice is powerful and he hardly sings flat. If you losten to some of the TTWII perfermances you can hear that his intonation is not as precise. I guess a nice round belly gives a good breath support.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 6, 2004report abuse
I agree with you elvishimselvis about Elvis in concert and Elvis did not look his best in some of Elvis on tour but in other parts he did so maybe they could release more of the concerts when he did look better
elvishimselvis (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 6, 2004report abuse
Of course Elvis does not look as healthy in EOT. but his body language and voice are all it takes to win new fans. and he is full of Prescription energy in each show. He looks tired because he has pushed himself to hard during the end of 71 and now in 1972 and his bad diet probably wasnt helping. I think he was starving himself during most of the filming which gave him a more pale look.. this could be fixed with the film technology of today.sometimes he looks better than other times in the movie Elvis on Tour. but maybe with new editing that could be even less.
Elvis in Concert should only be released through FTD. Thats my opinion. If Elvis in Concert is ever released. it should be FTD first DVD release. but I feel Elvis could even look better in that show with better editing.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2004report abuse
I don't think Elvis looks good in EOT--much less great. He looks even worse in the '77 CBS special. Having said that, I would still like to have a new cleaned up version of at least the original EOT. As for Elvis In Concert--What's out there is out there we can't do anything about that, but I don't want to see all of that footage released to the general public. That would only reinforce the "fat Elvis" image which EOT already does to a lesser extent. However, I would like to see BMG and Ernst get together and re-release Elvis In Concert (the album) with bonus tracks and improved sound in the 7 inch format on FTD someday soon.
col (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2004report abuse
I agree with TonyP and CEP.Both are saying that of course all fans should have EOT but that to give it a massive marketing exposure to the general public might back fire.I disagree with Jim about 77 CBS being a 'massive seller' with the non Elvis fans - it just won't happen for all the reasons discussed.After seeing TTWIW,Elvis Lives,Elvis 68 Comeback and Aloha and hearing ALLC,Elvis1 and 2, which are all brilliant and great ways to portray Elvis to the new fans, EOT may be a bit too 'caricature Elvis' to be fully appreciated by others than real fans.Certainly 2 friends who are not fans thought that Elvis was 'certainly on something' when they watched EOT at Xmas. That was their opinion not mine,so I appreciate what CEP and TonyP are contributing. I thought this site was about objective opinion and Elvis spirit. Some of the comments in response to CEP in particular were a little uncharitable to him/her and a little un Elvis like.More 'intelligent'discussions like this please.
CEP (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2004report abuse
Thanks TonyP that was my point.EOT is actually one of my favourite Elvis films with some of the best Elvis moments,(Elvis around the piano with the guys for example) and I do watch it regularly as well as actually finding Elvis '77 heroic - but that actually does n't matter here.With Elvis whether we like it or not there is a very fine line - the media in general love to pick up on the slightest weakness and sensationalise it.At a time when BMG and EPE have managed to get the focus on Elvis's music and legacy and not his health and lapses the last we need is to give the media an opportunity to focus on other areas.In my opinion EOT and Elvis 77 show an Elvis which is vulnerable to media side swipes.Don't worry Jim et al I don't take much offence at your reactions - I was trying to be objective obviously you were n't.
TonyP (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2004report abuse
I don't think it's right to jump on CEP and say he/she isn't a fan because of the comments about On Tour. In On Tour, Elvis was generally vocally great and his performances were for the most part fairly energetic. However, we are looking at it through different eyes than the general public would. This is a public that's so indoctrinated with the notion of Elvis being fat in the 70s that sometimes they don't look past the jumpsuit, sideburns and longer hair to really see what's in front of them. I've even known non-fans talk about seeing a clip of That's the Way It Is and saying how Elvis was fat!! Seriously! CEP's concern was that the good work done with Elvis' image recently would be undone, at least partly, by overpromotion of an image of Elvis that has been abused and mocked for the past 20+ years in the media. I can understand that position. Elvis On Tour should be released for sure, but I'm happy for it not to be given a huge marketing campaign, with clips all over the media. The CBS Special should also be released, but even more low key through FTD. The fans will know about it and frankly, with the way the public disrespects Elvis in that period and fails to show any compassion for his troubles, we are the only ones who should see it.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2004report abuse
It's that blind (and deaf) adoration that gives Elvis fans in general the image of being low level and educated. Some remarks here underline that image too well.
Steve B. (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2004report abuse
My thoughts on the CBS special are this. If Elvis was alive today, would he want to see it. I think the answer would be "NO!" There is no way he could be proud of the way he looked at that sad period of his life.
SilviaZ (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2004report abuse
Yes, we as fans have to appreciate! Everybody would complain if we wouldn't have the chance to see those great concerts. Elvis is a number 1 entertainer and was only human. Show me just one singer who doesn't have the problem of reaching or not reaching higher notes. Sorry, but I have to agree to what Jim says.
Loesje (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2004report abuse
"we as fans have to appreciate" ??

Sorry Jim, to be a fan does not mean you should loose your objectivity! It's not because of his waist, that I don't like the CBS special, but because of the trouble he had, reaching the higher notes. In On Tour, Elvis was very pale and he looked extremely tired. He wasn't inspired in that period.
If, in 1977, all the fans would have stay away from the concerts, maybe Elvis would have noticed his own faults and would have stopped using all those pills. If so, we, as fans, would still have been able to see him in person.
So for the record: I am not blind nor deaf!
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2004report abuse
I appreciate and welcome all comments, but you must all be completely blind if you cannot recognise how outstanding Elvis was during 1972 and indeed was in great shape. For christ sake, how can you expect to be a size 30 waist all your life and thats what you guys are suggesting. Of course he wasn't as slim as 1969/70 but this is memorable music, his American Trilogy is the greatest performance of all time. With regards to 1977, yes I agree this is clearly not Elvis at his best, but we as fans have to appreciate and recognise the whole of his concert career and not just pick certain aspects. Whether you like it or not, they are some great moments in the 77 CBS Special and this should be made available to all fans.
Renan (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2004report abuse
I was reading CEP´s reaction and he was totally unhappy in his reaction. I respect every comment but when I saw his comment I really got nervous. Generations DIED wanting this new compilation of "Elvis On Tour". Elvis In Concert is not the topic to be discussed but I agree with all the fans that wants in DVD format. Elvis was in great shape in 1972 even with all his problems with his divorce, but he gave his best. He was incredible. I was totally SCARED with CEP´s comment. WE DO NEED ELVIS ON TOUR!! Again, everybody has it´s own opinion but in this case I can´t read and pretend I didn´t see. Other thing, I don´think he is a real Elvis fan, he is just a guy fooling around in the site but...... Let´s wait for "ELVIS ON TOUR", before other generations pass away without this great footage.
Marco Aurelio (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 1, 2004report abuse
I don´t agree with CEP in anyway. Elvis is looking great in my opinion. I´m not the only one who thinks about it too. I´m 18 years old, and you can bet : a great Elvis fan. I have many friends here in Brazil, that are not real Elvis fans like me. For you to have an idea, when I showed them EOT, they were "all shook up", and they said: "Why don´t we never see this kind of things about Elvis before ????". I´m sorry, but I guess you were unhappy in this reaction. I agree that everyone has a different reaction with their opinions, but when I read your reaction, I couldn´t read it and only be quiet. Please, watch Elvis On Tour again, and reflect about it....
andy0862 (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 1, 2004report abuse
e.o.t is a historical piece of film and has been seen on tv, the cinema, on video and even vcd. most people over a certain age will have seen it in one of the these forms. we cant change how elvis was in any part of his life or career, but we can expect to enjoy what he did do in the best possible quality. to see a remastered and restored version of e.o.t will be great. those that want to buy it will and those that dont wont (be it long term fan or just general buyer of dvd's etc). extra footage would be nice alongside previous footage and would be a nice addition to ttwii release and the forthcoming releases. whilst on the subject how about a dvd release of lost performance and a volume 2 of the stuff they left of the ttwii special edition.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 1, 2004report abuse
As a matter of fact I would like to have Elvis On Tour on DVD. But it is no secret that Elvis had some bad times during 1972. On the video he looks bad and pale, but his voice is great. (same goes for Elvis In Concert '77) But please let everybody have his own opinion about Elvis items, Jim. During Elvis On Tour his performances were very good, I think. Would like to have a complete show on DVD.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 1, 2004report abuse
Jim, the fact that Elvis was an embarassement to himself should not be mixed up with realistic comments by a fan. I don't think you are in a position to decide who is welcome here and who not.

I completely agree with EPE's policy not to release Elvis In Concert. The so called real fans can do with all bootleg stuff that is wandering around. The image only gets worse if it's sharper :-)

But anyway, I thought On Tour was the subject here... a complete different story!
Loesje (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 1, 2004report abuse
Sorry Jim, speak for yourself the next time and not for other fans. I totally agree with CEP on this one. A few year ago non-fans could only remember a fat Elvis... Thanks to the latest publicity Elvis is #1 again.

I feel sadness watching Elvis in '77, no matter what quality the pictures, video or dvd are.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 1, 2004report abuse
CEP - Your comments are an embarrassment to every Elvis fan in the world. Keep off this site in future.
CEP (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 1, 2004report abuse
You've got to be kidding. EOT and 1977 are for Elvis fans only. EOT has Elvis in poor form in parts and the footage is not very flattering. Anytime non Elvis fans see EOT they think it shows Elvis in a bad light. EOT will set back the work done over the last 2/3 years in representing Elvis to a new audience. EOT has a chubby looking Elvis with some lacklustre performances. As for the 1977 concert it may well be shocking but it will also start all the Fat Elvis publicity again. Come on Elvis fans use your brains.
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 1, 2004report abuse
Kempo. These DVD's can go furthur than those you mentioned because these are visual audio, but we need to get the word out, and the Sponsors, BMG and EPE, must make this the priority.
pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on May 31, 2004report abuse
elvis on tour must be+should be released!-it's time to promote elvis,its the anniversarry of rock+roll and elvis was the originator if it all,it would be a shame if they fail to pull up their socks and promote elvis. it would be great to see elvis in modern music magazines cos of releases like "elvis on tour",aloha from hawaii and the '68 comeback special..if they do not promote these amazing films then how can they sell or be successfull? only by proper promotion and positive info can elvis sell(take elvis 30 no.1's-it was well promoted and therefpre sold hugely,but also take 'second to none',it was'nt promoted properly and stuck at no.3 in the album charts.)lets get it right..we done it once with 'a little less conveersation'+'30 no.1's',lets do it with these dvd release and the forthcoming elvis at sun cd.
lray (profilecontact) wrote on May 31, 2004report abuse
To answer Marco's question. The reason you did not see different versions on some of those songs is because they did not necessarily film them. RCA recorded the entire shows but MGM did not film entire shows. So even though they still have more they can come out with, they do not have visuals of every song from all 6 shows on the days that they did the filming. Today it would be no big deal to film the entire shows and they would use more camera angles also. Back in 1970 it was more awkward to do those things. I am not sure about Elvis On Tour. I think the new Tunzi book, Sessions III, due out any day, will answer more about Elvis On Tour and TTWII.
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on May 31, 2004report abuse
Thank-you Alejandro. You are so right. Please spread the word...It will happen, but I'm getting inpatient..
Alejandro (profilecontact) wrote on May 31, 2004report abuse
BMG and WARNER have a great opportunity, the world wants to recover the good music and original talent that it has left losing at this moment but knowing Elvis could motivates to the new generations to make better music in the future. Elvis is past, present and future don´t forget this point. I´m 39 and I´m still waiting for new discovery of the importance that Elvis had and have in the music, fashion, sexuality and mainly in the thought freedom focused in the creativity of the youths. GOOD LUCK ELVIS!!!
gribz (profilecontact) wrote on May 31, 2004report abuse
Again, If the promotion campaign is significant for the new 68 and Aloha DVD's, the sales will be extraordinary. The Elvis image in top form, must be saturated for the Young generation to get it.. These 2 DVD's are ELvis at his best and in his prime. Everything I see out there today, pales by comparison to Elvis, and saturation will allow the youth to catch on....I don't see how BMG, EPE, don't know that.... Plan: Gather all the big-time sponsors and work out trade agreements with them. Find the Hottest clips and get the networks involved. Look what happened overseas with ALLC. Imagine what could be sone with these clips, and some innovative minds... COme on People.. The world needs Elvis now, more than ever.... Let's go...People who read this: Please spread the word, and E-mail others to do the same.. We can make it happen... This is the 50th Anniv.. Perfect time...The window of opportunity is now!!!
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on May 31, 2004report abuse
Living in England, UK, I can think of no better way to win millions of more fans by showing either or both of the DVD specials on BBC or ITV television. That won't happen, certainly not in the near future tho. I am still very concerned that in the UK, nobody knows about these DVDs excpet us hardcore fans who continually log onto Elvis Websites. Some good advertising has been done in the USA but as far as I am aware nothing is happening over in the UK. I have emailed BMG UK, radio stations etc etc but no response. I'll say it again, ask any of your makes who are not big Elvis fans but like his music and I swear they won't have a clue about these forthcoming releases which is criminal. Im talking England here folks !
Renan (profilecontact) wrote on May 31, 2004report abuse
It would be great to see Elvis On Tour SE in DVD! Certainly they are waiting the results of Aloha and 68 Comeback Special. This had to be shown for the public at least ten years ago. The general public doesn´t know the real ELVIS PRESLEY. I´m only 18, but the way the story goes only my son or my grandchildren will see this, and also with Elvis In Concert 1977. Conclusion: AGAIN, Let´s WAIT and WAIT and WAIT and hopefully we´ll get them in DVD format in a few time. It´s sad to write this but... and that´s the hour to promote the MAN, the greatest artist in the show business, "Elvis Presley!"
Marco Aurelio (profilecontact) wrote on May 31, 2004report abuse
I hope we can see Elvis On Tour 2 some day. I´m still 18 years old, and I still have plenty of time. But try to release "NEW" things about it. For example, on TTWII SE, why did they have to repeat "Blue Suede Shoes", "Polk Salad Annie" and other footages from the SAME concert ? Didn´t you have another concert with the same song ? And I was waiting for live songs such as: "Words", "Strangers In The Crowd", "The Next Step Is Love", "Little Sister-Get Back", "I Was The One", "Are You Lonesome Tonight" and others. On EOT, try to get the song Polk Salad Annie, not from the Hampton Road Concert (April,9,1972, Evening Concert), but another concert, for example: April,18,1972, or the afternoon concert from the same day (not the same footage as it was released originally). I hope you understand me....
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on May 31, 2004report abuse
Its obvious what Turner are doing, they are waiting to see the sales performance of ALoha and 68 Special to see if there is still a big demand for Elvis products. If these two DVDs sell well, then its a certainty we will get Elvis On Tour 2 at some point. Me personally, I would love to see the 77 CBS Special revamped on DVD, without doubt it would be a massive seller.
Monster (profilecontact) wrote on May 31, 2004report abuse
Well it's obvious what we all have to do then isn't it? Get out there and buy the new MGM Elvis DVDs if it's going to help grease the wheels a bit. Let's make them a big success to make George's job a litle bit easier. Even if it doesn't make any difference as far as Elvis On Tour SE is concerned, at least you'll still have the DVDs to watch!
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on May 31, 2004report abuse
Computer Technology could easily make Elvis looks slim and healthy & radiant looking in Elvis In Concert.
macuser (profilecontact) wrote on May 31, 2004report abuse
Will that release of On Tour and CBS in Concert 1977 happen in my lifetime cause i am passing the 45 age mark already? *grin* if not maybe it is not such a good idea for my granchildren to see a bloated entertainer on stage while in the new century in all of it's then modern mutimedia-effects beeing confronted with a sleek and hardbodied younger version of Britaney or Christina Aguilera's sisters on the TV screens. All kiddin'aside: I hope they won't let us wait to long for that to happen(the release)
mrstats (profilecontact) wrote on May 31, 2004report abuse
I sure hope so, Ton. I bought the DVD of the 77 Concert on ebay and the quality is very poor. I wish EPE would just release it. Although Elvis was far from his best during this time period, it still has some great moments.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on May 31, 2004report abuse
Some day the fans will get Elvis On Tour and Elvis In Concert '77 on DVD just like the upcoming DVD's '68 Comeback and Aloha From Hawaii '73; we just must hope we'll get it before we die....

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