Elvis On Stage Revisited

The next regular Follow That Dream release will be "Elvis On Stage Revisited - Live Vegas Recordings from February 1970". Although recently not confirmed by Ernst Jorgensen we found this update on the official Elvis site where the official FTD news is posted. "Elvis On Stage Revisited" is the working title for a compilation of live recordings from Elvis's Las Vegas engagement of February 1970. The release date is July 1, 2004. The track listing will be posted here as soon as Follow That Dream Records provides the information.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Apr 30, 2004 
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byebye (profilecontact) wrote on May 1, 2004report abuse
Hm.. I wrote to Mr.Jorgensen about 2 months ago, regarding issues that I´ve mentioned on the Canadian chart page 4.
In that email I also requested "a glossy quality feel" of Elvis`s record covers,that used to be standard in the good old days. In shape of things to come in 2004, Revisited might be a start in quality thinking through the whole process. (Maybe...)
Lou A (profilecontact) wrote on May 1, 2004report abuse
I read that BMG doesn't have an entire show from Feb. 1970, unless they have some soundboards. Supposedly they recorded selectivly at the engagement. Still, Elvis was so good at this time that this should be a really good release. I've heard that some rehearsal material from the engagement will be included, and the song "It Hurts Me" was mentioned for this release. I guess it would be a line or two, sung during the rehearsal.
elvishimselvis (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 30, 2004report abuse
Wow do they really have unreleased songs from the Febuary Engagement. I know RCA recorded alot of the shows for the Album ELVIS ON STAGE. it would be really great if they had a whole complete show from FEB 70 from start to end. the songs that I have heard from the Feb engagements are awesome sound quality. just like from the TTWII on stage shows

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