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We received three classic Elvis albums on vinyl, "Elvis Presley", "Elvis" and "Golden Records (vol.1)". These albums were re-released by Simply Vinyl, a company that specializes in re-releasing both new and oldies albums on vinyl. These albums are issued on 180 gram vinyl which reminded us of the heavy bakelite originals. "Elvis Presley” is the album which kicked Rock and Roll onto the map with a bang. This LP contains several extra tracks to the original and has been extensively re-mastered with updated liner notes. The second release is Elvis' second album imaginatively titled "Elvis" (No.1 US '56). This is completely re-mastered and featuring additional tracks and new sleeve notes but keeping that wonderful cover of Elvis in a side profile, "Elvis" is packed to the brim with stacks of legendary rock n' roll classics. Due to the success of the first two Elvis albums they continue the run with the first of five forthcoming Elvis compilations which document all his golden records from day one, so welcome to "Elvis Golden Records Vol. 1" (No.3 US '58). As with all their Elvis packages they use the original artwork.
Source: Simply Vinyl  / Updated: Aug 24, 2000 

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