Elvis On Myspace And Facebook

EPE added Elvis to Myspace And Facebook. From the update: There is alot going on with Elvis right now, so we wanted to send a quick note around to all of our friends to let you know what is going on. So many people have asked us who runs our MySpace page. Our MySpace account is run by Graceland, the same people who bring you Elvis.com.

Myspace: As you can probably already tell, our Elvis MySpace page has received a face lift. We hope you like it, and please help Elvis get as many friends as you can by inviting your friends. If you have not, be sure to add a little Elvis to your MySpace page by going to our resources page, where you can grab Elvis backgrounds, banners, contact tables and more.

Facebook: We know many of you also have a Facebook account, so, if you do, be sure to add yourself as a fan of Elvis on our page. We will also be updating that page with news, videos, music, products and more.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Feb 25, 2008 
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