Elvis On Las Vegas Walk Of Fame?

Within a year, tourists might be able to stroll down a "walk of fame" on the Las Vegas Strip. The Clark County Commission approved the idea today -- after the head of a Palm Springs, California company said he expects to be able to embed as many as 100 stars' names in the sidewalks. "As a board we believe in recognizing the talents of those who have contributed significantly to the tremendous success of Southern Nevada," said Commissioner Rory Reid. "What better way to do that than by allowing our millions of visitors, who walk the Strip each year, to see the names of those important people displayed so prominently. " No word yet who the first honorees might be. But it's a good bet that Elvis Presley and members of the Rat Pack will get a vote.
Source: Google / Updated: Aug 18, 2004 
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flamingstar (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2004report abuse
The Walk of Stars, It's about Time something like this is to be done here in Vegas,And yes of course Elvis should be by all rights the First Star, He was and still is *ENCHANTING MAGIC *for always and forever
vegaselvisfan (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2004report abuse
as a lifelong las vegan (well, i ve been here since 1964 as a little kid : ) i think this 'walk of stars' is a great idea! i called and left a message today with them to say i and 20 of my elvis friends vote for elvis to be first. i will be emailing to submit the formal application.
probably elvis will be first and i am sure it will be because there can be a lot of 'hoopla' and publicity for the unveiling. every ETA (elvis tribute artist) in town would be invited. What a photo opportunity! ah, what the heck...they keep elvis' memory alive here in this town. people want and expect it.
also, it's fitting for elvis to be first because 35 years ago on july 31, 1969, elvis performed at the international after all the movie years. i didnt see graceland make note of that date. (yeah, i know this was the big year for That's alright). -- i and some friends celebrated the date at the hilton. -- unveiling an ELVIS star on LV blvd before the year is out would be fantastic to remember 1969 with. (this is also the 40th year anniversary of when the movie Viva Las Vegas was released)
i have emailed the news around and i hope the committee for the stars gets bombarded with requests for the first star to be Elvis! (then they can add Frank, Dean, Sammy, Tom, Englebert, Barbara, Jerry Lewis, The Beatles, Louis Prima, etc :)))

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