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Every 18 months the EPE licensing department creates artwork for promoting Elvis and producing merchandise. The slogan that will be used in 2009-10 is ‘Elvis Now’. It’s similar to previous slogans ‘Elvis Is’ and ‘Elvis Lives’, in that it makes a definitive statement about the strong presence of Elvis in the world’s culture, not in the past, but now.

Because many of those who develop products have to begin very far in advance of when the merchandise will actually be in the marketplace, the colors and design are selected based on trends forecasted for 2009-10. The research indicated that you will be seeing colors that are bold, energetic, bright and daring. The same words can easily be used to describe Elvis himself. There will also be unconventional combinations with an eye toward Mother Earth. More than ever, the global community has a better sense of awareness for the environment and individualism. Greens, sea blues and earthen hues will continue to have great impact in 2009. Keep an eye out for ‘Elvis Now’ merchandise, available beginning in January 2009.

Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Aug 6, 2008 
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Jumpin Jehosaphat (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 7, 2008report abuse
I think it should be Elvis Then, because it is Elvis then, there is no now. only re-issued material
Jerome returns (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2008report abuse
I didn't know this work of Andy Warhol..
elvis_aotc (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2008
Invisible because there was abuse of the keyboard
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2008report abuse
I never liked the term 'Elvis Now' Reminds me of that mediocore 1972 album of the same name.
mature_elvis_fan75 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2008report abuse
Lets get this straight,epe own Elvis in concert which there NOT gonna release,they do NOT own Elvis on Tour Or Thats The Way It Is,and Mgm who does own it are not going to release a 4 dvd or 6 dvd set and most likely not a 2 dvd set,come to think of it,a one dvd release might not happen!
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2008report abuse
It would be quite neat trick if EPE/FTD could release a 7 dvd set of TTWII/EOT since they don't own the rights to any of that. That footage is owned by Time-Warner/MGM. Or whatever the correct corparate name is these days.
elvis_aotc (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2008report abuse
Well a lot off collours the next comming. Better think up a way to bring out a 7 disc DVD of ON TOUR and TTWII, than come up with the idee of this one. First the product and than the logo to promote it. But i think that i am not too marketing technicul to understand it. Why don't FTD jump in with this one, and if so, bring out also In Concert on FTD. But i know what Ernst will say, what about all the rights we have to pay. Well in the long run it will pay out Ernst, you know that. TTWII special ed. wasn't also such a big seller, but it got it's money in the long run. I know that people were interested in Elvis after the special edition with not much promotion of it. So imagine what sales can do if you also promote a product. Sales of TTWII special ed. would be much higher from the beginning. With this new logo it wilnot sell more, but the key is advertising it on TV and newspapers and magazines. I think they should not wait to long for bringing out the wonderfull stuff from On Tour and also TTWII. What's now on DVD from TTWII is verry little, i know for sure that a several disc DVD can be filled. All wonderfull stuff. Think there must come a petition for it, for start......

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