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Jordan Richie's Elvis News Network is on-line in a concept version. Very special is the Elvis news video broadcast, this edition's broadcast runs a little over 48 minutes. The site contains all the latest news (in which we lend a hand), original stories, articles and reviews.
Source: Elvis News Network / Updated: Sep 29, 2003 

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Steve_Moore (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 30, 2003report abuse
Thanks for your suppport to this concept.
It was a bit of a learning curve regarding the production and was not without it's hiccups along the way. If we'd waited until we thought it was perfect no one would ever have seen it. But it is a case of learning as we go and hopefully the following broadcasts will improve with time.
To those who are still waiting to see it but are getting reports that the file canot be accessed due to the sheer volume of traffic, please be patient with us, everyone went to view it all at once, but it should be okay by now.
Thanks again to the crew at ElvisNews.com, without whom....

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