Elvis Museum Closes Doors Until January For Renovations

Music lovers must wait nearly three months to visit the Elvis Presley Museum. It’s closing for major renovations. The museum, housed at the site of the late singer’s birthplace, shut its doors after regular operating hours Friday so that Germantown Contracting can begin a $262,000 project to turn it into a world-class exhibit. Some 50,000 people tour the museum each year, but the closure isn’t expected to hurt that number, said birthplace and museum director Dick Guyton. “If we have a slow time, this would be it,” he said. “A lot of tour companies don’t start tours until November. We’ve got eight or nine tours booked during this time, but they already know it, and ticket prices will be adjusted to charge them just for going through the house” where Elvis was born. The house, gift shop, chapel and other attractions at the East Tupelo site will remain open, Guyton said. When work wraps up on or before Elvis’ Jan. 8 birthday, the museum will sport a more modern look, feature multi-media elements and contain some new collection materials, including a memorial to Presley family friend Janelle McComb. The renovations are expected to double museum attendance. To fund the project, the Elvis Presley Memorial Foundation – which runs the attraction – put up $100,000. It received $50,000 from the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau and $100,000 from the city. The remainder is being raised internally by foundation members.
Source: Google / Updated: Oct 16, 2006 
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PTCJones (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 20, 2006report abuse
I'm glad it's having a makeover. When I was there the museum was bland and lifeless unlike the Sun museum, which although small had a wonderful build up. I also thought the actual birthplace was let down by the AC units. I know it's Mississippi and can be hot, but your through the building in a blink of an eye. All in all though, would not have missed it for the world.
Jth (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 17, 2006report abuse
Sorry, my bad. I've never been to the birthplace and always assumed that the shotgun shack was just on display - I never thought of a museum in a different house. Good to know
Getlow (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 17, 2006report abuse
Jth, There is nothing in the article saying or suggesting that any changes will done in the "shotgun Shack" the museum is a completly different building, always has been. The house is over 70 years old and I imagine that it quite a different feel to when Elvis was born, nothing, ie wallpaper, bed were ever original in the first place. "I'm from Shelby County, Tennessee"
Jth (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 16, 2006report abuse
This is sad news - the shotgun shack will not look like the way it was when Elvis was in it - and well, it's even not quite what it is supposed to have looked like in Elvis baby years (I've read that some curtains and table cloths weren't used in the household etc), but still ..."will sport a more modern look"! Effing great ...propably will put a huge neon sign on the house.
June (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 16, 2006report abuse
I think the 'Birthplace' is an awesome experience and I visit often. I, for one, feel a lot closer to my hero there and love to think about his simple life as a small boy. They have done a superb job and it can only get better.
MauriceColgan (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 16, 2006report abuse
Nice to see Tupelo attracting more Elvis fans these days. There is plenty to see in the City. Elvis may have gown up poor...but in beautiful surroundings!

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