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In Russia four MP3 CDs were released by RMG Records last October. These CDs are available through an on-line store and all copyrights are paid in accordance with Russian laws. Volume 1 contains 18 albums (213 songs), volume 2 contains 23 albums (217 songs), volume 3 contains 16 albums (162 songs) and volume 4 contains 17 albums (170 songs). All MP3's should be 192 Kb/s 44 Kh, Stereo. On the site you can also download all the lyrics.
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Just John (profilecontact) wrote on May 28, 2005report abuse
The sound is decent. It also comes with an RMG media player and a very well organized playlist. Very well worth the near 100 bucks.
Shane_Grier (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 6, 2005report abuse
I was interested to know if anyone has purchased from Russia before? Any problems with mp3 seller? Any info would be great.
Johnny (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 4, 2005report abuse
I think this is a great idea! For those people who are new to Elvis, this is a great way to get his music cheaply, although obviously it is much nicer to have the albums. Nice one MP3 Seller!!!
harmston (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 2, 2005report abuse
The lyrics are taken directly from hat appears to be Lex's old lyric site as they reproduce all the mistakes verbatim. For instance the lyric from 'I'm Leaving' is not 'is it something inside me' but 'ease this emptiness inside me'. Don't know how many times I've asked Lex to correct it.

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