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The on-line US iTunes store lists several Elvis Presley movies in High Definition format. According to the posting on the FECC Forum some of the titles are "Love Me Tender", It Happened At The World's Fair", Blue Hawaii", "That's The Way It Is" and Girl Happy". Perhaps a sign of things to come in the physical market.

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burton (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 7, 2009report abuse
Thanks JB Gude for the info.
jb gude (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 2, 2009report abuse
Both Jailhouse Rock & Viva Las Vegas are Region Free ( as are the majority of Blu-Ray discs) - i.e. they will play on any Blu-Ray player around the world. Sadly no news of any new Elvis titles being released this holiday or around 8 January. Anyone with more information ?
burton (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 30, 2009report abuse
you can only get Jailhouse Rock & Viva Las Vegas in Blu-Ray in the U.S.A. only (Region A). There isn't an official U.K. release yet (Region B). As all ways us British get the short end of the stick. Unless anybody can tell me that thay have these releases & that they're Region free, but I doubt it.
circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 10, 2009report abuse
have to agree with many of the comments here, i too would just settle for On Tour on DVD before I die! But to throw another point into the ring i hope EPE or whoever improves the packaging regarding extras and menus. The movies by now should have interviews and documentaries ( look at any of the Bond DVD's) and decent menus ( the Aloha DVD menus were appalling ).
pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 10, 2009report abuse
'Yes' elvis On Tour should be released on dvd(nevermind HD,we are still waiting for an official dvd release of this classic elvis movie)if 'on tour' gets released onto HD it will be awsome..i cant see any problems with epep/graceland transfereing both the 68'comeback and Aloha from hawaii specials as they did a superb job in releasing them on dvd in 2004?-it was like elvis just recorded the shows as the qulity was superb!-with todays technology thier is no reason why thses films cannot be transfered onto HD even tho they were intended for TV or not!
gilesm (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 10, 2009report abuse
mholder, Aloha will never be on blu-ray. The way blu rays are made is by scanning the 35mm print film at a a high resolution. Standard DVD's are made by scanning the print at DVD resolution. This is why any 35mm or 70mm film can be made in to a blu ray high def. See examples of Jailhouse Rock and Viva Las Vegas already available on blu-ray.

The problem with Aloha is that it was not filmed on negatives but on 1973 videotape which had a native resolution that matched the TV standard at the time (see the booklet from the delux edition from a few years ago). This also applies to the 68 special. Both were only intended for TV broadcast so were captured on video tape. The resolution of the original videotape is a fixed thing.
All the other stock that was filmed on 35mm or 70 mm negative can be scanned at high resolution to make a high def copy (including 'On Tour') but not subjects that have videotape as the original source.

When you play these DVD's on a modern high def plasma or LCD, the TV or DVD will upscale the image to make it viewable on the screen, but that is the best you can get unless you want to buy a high end video scaling device (very expensive for marginal quality gain).
pasa-ryu (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 9, 2009report abuse
i cant wait to finaly have Elvis on HD dvd(bluray)..it is about time mind!-T.T.W.I.I will be awsome on bluray and even more exciting to watch and hear.(i hope they decide to release all of Elvis' movies on hd dvd?,especially love me tender,flaming star,blue hawaii,gi blues,viva las vegas,etc,etc.)i wonder why epe/graceland have taken so long in moving Elvis to HD??(better late than never)
gilesm (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 9, 2009report abuse
It would be fantastic if this means that HD versions will come out on blu-ray, but somehow I doubt it. Still only time will tell. Regarding "On Tour" I downloaded the itunes version this afternoon, looks great and sounds great on my iMac, now al I have to do is find a way to sow it on my PS3 !
mholdr (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 9, 2009report abuse
I'm personally looking forward to the Aloha from Hawaii show on blu-ray - it seems like there's a lot of possibilities there...filming seems to be done on high quality stock - just needs remastering; can't wait to hear it in 7.1 !!!!
FJE (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 9, 2009report abuse
emjel, just to name one, The General (1926, Silent) starring Buster Keaton is available on Blu-ray. So no reason why On Tour should not be released on Blu-ray. Even though it was filmed in 16mm, if the powers-that-be decide on doing a professional remastering of the film I'm sure it would be awesome.
emjel (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 8, 2009report abuse
Doubt you'd get On Tour on Blu Ray. It was mainly filmed in 16mm
hankfnsw (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 8, 2009report abuse
This is fantasticnews to hear. Elvis needs to be in blu-ray format as it is just breathtaking. Having watch Steveie Wonder on Hi-Def & great artist like Elvis should be their too!
Mofoca22 (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 7, 2009report abuse
if they ever release on tour itll be a miracle
FJE (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 7, 2009report abuse
Excellent idea but wrong titles, except maybe TTWII although I'd rather have The Complete Works of this documentary. And On Tour of course.

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