Elvis Met His One-Time Son In Law

Jermaine Jackson was on Larry King January 9 defending his brother against all the bashing he gets. A caller asked him if Michael was a fan of Elvis's because he thinks they were a lot alike. Jermaine said all the Jackson's are Elvis fans. Him and his brothers always used to watch his movies. Larry asked him if they ever met Elvis and Jermaine said they met Elvis in Lake Tahoe. Here is the response: CNN Larry King Live interview With Jermaine Jackson (Aired January 9, 2003 - 21:00 ET) Larry King: Did you ever meet him? Jermaine Jackson: We met him one time in the elevator in... Larry King: Vegas? Jermaine Jackson: I think it was Tahoe. And he came and we were doing a show there. And he came in and we were coming down or some were going up. And he said -- something like, Oh, yeah, you Jackson boys. But we were in awe because it's Elvis. Larry King: Michael was there, too? Jermaine Jackson: Yes. Larry King: It's Elvis. So it's the Jackson 5 and Elvis on this elevator? Just an ordinary little elevator trip. Jermaine Jackson: Yes.
Source: Various / Updated: Jan 11, 2003 
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