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Just released on DVD is the George Klein DVD "Elvis Memories". This DVD was originally released on video in 1985. George Klein talkes to twenty people who were in some way related to Elvis Presley: Ginger Alden, Chet Atkins, Dick Clark, Donna Douglas, Alan Fortas, Al Green, Merle Haggard, Charlie Hodge, Carl Perkins, Sam Phillips, Jerry Reed, Khang Rhee, Jerry Schilling and Vester Presley. 

The running-time is 48 minutes. 
Source: The United Elvis Presley Society / Updated: Dec 23, 2009 
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Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 24, 2009report abuse
Over 20 years old. When it came out it was great but now it is outdated and basically useless at this point. We need new product.
Herman (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 24, 2009report abuse
Great release, now waiting for Graceland 1985 edition !
Dixieland Rocks (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 24, 2009report abuse
Where can I find it?
Ronaldv (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 23, 2009report abuse
A few years back I transferred this documentary from vhs to dvd. In the 80's it was aired by 'Sky Channel' Very interesting footage from vegas, Madison square garden, Ruswood park 1956.
Very sad that some of the great people who are interviewed have died. But a worthwile dvd!

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