Elvis Live At Five

This is a fictional book featuring Elvis, well a computer generated Elvis that is. The 258 pages book was released in September. Here is the press information: "Life as news director of a network affiliate television station can get pretty weird. Just ask Nick Upton, of KVGO in Dallas. Faced with pathetically low ratings and a new, profit-mad station owner, Nick decides to let desperation be his guide and puts Elvis Presley on the air. Not the real Elvis but a computer-generated version. This thoroughly convincing simulacrum starts out hosting his own late-night show and soon takes over the anchor slot on the five o'clock news. But when the news turns a bit dull, there's only one thing to do: manufacture more exciting news. Paxson, the author of two thrillers, makes a comfortable transition from drama to light comedy with this gentle spoof of network television. It probably doesn't hurt that he's a 30-year veteran of broadcast journalism and an excellent storyteller with a knack for putting realistic characters into unreal situations. The laughs come naturally, the absurdities flow freely, and the wacky events never get quite wacky enough to be totally unbelievable. Good fun for TV junkies."
Updated: Sep 29, 2002 

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