Elvis "Kindle" Book Releases

With the increase in convenient and affordable self-publishing, combined with new technology opportunities to publish books, there has been a flood of Elvis releases on Amazon's "Kindle" book format. To read these books you must have an Amazon Kindle reader. The online/download format often makes well known titles much cheaper to buy and allows new authors the opportunity to offer their writing to a mass market. Prices range from US$0.99! Major Elvis book releaes available in Kindle format include Baby, Let's Play House (Alanna Nash); The Colonel (Alanna Nash); and the recent memoirs by Dr. Nick and George Klein.

The many Elvis titles include:

Elvis Has Not Left the Building by J.R. Rain (March 2010)
Face the Music: An Elvis Novel by Connie Kirchberg (Dec 2009)
Elvis and me a mystery thriller (Elvis Mystery Thrillers) by Richard D Weber and R Douglas Weber (Jan 2010)
Laugh and Cry with Elvis in the Army by John Gilgun and Jane Gilgun (April 2008)
Jesse Garon: The Search for Elvis Presley's Twin by Brett Wallach (Sep 2009)
To My Elvis: Wall Writings at Graceland by J. Frank Kenney (Feb 2010)
Elvis Presley True FBI Files Parts 1-5
Elvis by Jack Earl (May 2009)
Careless Loss - The Unmaking Of The Snowman by Scott Huffman (Feb 2010)
Elvis: Alive Or Dead by Scott Huffman (Feb 2010)
Live A Little, Love A Little; A Review by Scott Huffman (Feb 2010)
Mock Interview With Gladys Presley by Scott Huffman (Feb 2010)
Elvis! King of Collectibles by Nancy Hendrickson (Jan 2010)

Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Mar 15, 2010 
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