Elvis Is The Most Handsome Man

Spread over two pages, the Belgian newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws” gave its readers a list of the 100 most handsome men ever. The journalists found their inspiration in the British magazine “Harpers and Queen”. On top of the list is Elvis, who won the contest because of his "divine smile and irresistible sex-appeal".
Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Jun 2, 2005 
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forelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 21, 2005report abuse
Elvis, the most Handsome Man? Is a mockery. How many money was paid for this liar?
cathyreno (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 7, 2005report abuse
Elvis to me is one word perfection. He was and still is the best looking man next to my dad,husband,eh em,ever to grace this world. TCB everyone
Els Gal (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 4, 2005report abuse
As one of my dear friends said after seeing "Elvis by the Presleys", he was beautiful inside AND out, from beginning to end. I'll concur with that! Beyond handsome, simply breathtaking.
suzie (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 3, 2005report abuse
YES...Elvis is the most handsome & beautiful MAN I have ever seen & listening to his heavenly great voice makes him even more handsome.I apprecciate this site so very much for giving us fans all these opinions from around the world...Elvis is the everywhere & we agree...the most handsome.Thanks from fan in Alabama 50 years...
see see rider (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 3, 2005report abuse
you should see my grandmother who's in her mid to late 70's when she watches "aloha from hawaii" or the "68 comeback speacial".
mickile (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2005report abuse
It is like I always said...he is the most beautiful male specimen that ever graced this planet (or any other planet for that matter). No one has come close to matching his electrifying aura, beauty and presence. Where everyone else falls under ordinary...he is EXTRAORDINARY...and all that talent too!
carolynlm (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2005report abuse
We have known this since Elvis first started out. He was often referred to as a 'modern day Valentino', but have you seen any photos of Valentino? No great beauty there, that's for sure!!! Elvis was and still is the only male that can be referred to as 'beautiful'....no-one before or after has even come close.
Presleygirl (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2005report abuse
Oh yeah, I've known that for years! :)
newyorknewyork (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2005report abuse
As far as I'm concerned Elvis is the most handsomeist man ever. That magazine is absolutely right. Even when he looked his worst, he just had to smile and that was enough to melt me. Goodness knows what would have happened to me if I'd come face to face with him? I often think about it!
Peter@EM (profilecontact) wrote on Jun 2, 2005report abuse
Doesn't surprise me one bit... I knew that they had smart journalists over there ;-)

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